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Skyrim: Dragon Shout iOS app download imminent, Android coming soon

We recently told you about a fantastic downloadable map for Skyrim which reveals every single dungeon location in the game, but now we have something which many of you may find even more useful – an iOS app which keeps track of your daily Skyrim activities.

The app is called Dragon Shout and gives the user a fully interactive Skyrim map, allowing the player to mark down points of interest with annotated map markers. If you are currently playing the game, you’ll know how useful this sounds as the world of Skyrim is a huge place and it is an easy mistake to make when you forget where a particular item, decent treasure dungeon or alchemy ingredient is located.

Dragon Shout allows you to do that straight from your pocket and best of all, it will be a completely free download. The app isn’t live yet, but according to the developer, it has already been submitted to Apple so it should be landing on the app store within days. Here is a description about the Dragon Shout app, which the developer shared with Touch Arcade:

“The first version of the app contains an interactive map where you can drop annotated markers / journal entries down. For example, yesterday I played Skyrim and left a bunch of dragon scales and bones on the side of a mountain because they were too heavy.

I will come back and get them some other time so I marked it on the map so I know where it’s at in the future. Another example is I’m always looking for the right ingredients for potions, so when I come across an important ingredient, I mark it on the map so I know where to get it next time.”

We can predict that this app is going to be a huge success, and we’re a little surprised that this is a free download as well, since many of you would probably happily pay a small fee since the developer has gone to great effort on our behalf. We’ve also heard that future versions of Dragon Shout will add social media support, allowing Dragon Shout owners to chat with each other and share map markers and other handy details.

Sounds pretty fantastic, we can’t wait to give this a go. For those of you that are wondering about an app for Android, the official website states that it is coming soon. Let us know your thoughts on this app and whether you’ll be trying it out or not. Don’t forget to check out information regarding recent patch updates here.



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