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Samsung Fascinate: Download unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich update now

The unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich update bandwagon is showing no signs of slowing down and after informing you about recent ports for the ASUS Transformer and HTC G1 amongst other handsets, we can now reveal that the ancient Samsung Fascinate is also joining in on the Android 4.0 fun.

We’re pleased to say that this isn’t an alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s the real deal. You may be surprised to hear that it runs very nicely on the Samsung Fascinate, and we’ve found a video to show you which gives you an exact idea of the type of performance the Fascinate can handle when running the unofficial build.

Also pleasing is the fact that all the main functions of the phone appear to work with no problems. By this we’re talking about 3G data, WiFi, making calls, browsing the internet, sending text messages, taking pictures and so on – everything works great.

This ROM has been created by JT1134 and if you own a Fascinate and are interested in trying this out yourself, you’ll find the download links as well as steps to install over at RootzWiki here. Make sure you download the latest version of the ROM as the creator has already updated the build enabling even more functions of the phone. As always, you should only install this if you have previous experience running unofficial software on your handset, and you’ll need to have a rooted Fascinate first of course to try this out.

Once again, this proves that older handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S can run Ice Cream Sandwich with no major problems. We doubt Samsung will release an official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Fascinate since they’ll want customers to purchase the Galaxy S II or Galaxy Nexus. For those of you who have a Nexus One and are still unhappy about the fact that you won’t get an official update, seeing ICS 4.0 run perfectly fine on the Fascinate should give you plenty of hope that a build will come your way soon.

If you plan to install this, let us know how you get on. On a side note, are you a little concerned that older handsets clearly can run Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 but only a few Android handsets have been given information regarding an official update?



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