PS3 Firmware update 4.00: No new features shock PS3 owners

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2011

If you are a regular PS3 gamer, you will know that Sony’s next firmware update to version 4.00 was supposed to be deemed a ‘major’ update with a lot of expectation placed on Sony to deliver some brand new functionality to the XMB. We can tell you that firmware 4.00 is now live and available to download, but you may be disappointed, perhaps even a little bit shocked with the lack of new features.

We say this, as rather add new features to PS3 users, all we’re seeing is some added functionality to the PS Vita, which is due to launch in Japan on December 17. The new update will allow Vita owners to transfer all their media content, which includes photos, music and games to the PlayStation 3 console and also back up Vita system data if needed.

You’ll also be able to get Vita firmware updates via the PS3 if you don’t have a WiFi or 3G connection, and view messages on the PS3 which have been sent using the Group Messaging app on the PS Vita.

Apart from some minor PS Plus tweaks, that’s all you are getting in firmware update 4.00. No major new XMB features to play around with, definitely no cross-game chat and no User Interface changes either. A lot of you will be disappointed we’re sure, as it would have been nice to have a fresh look to the current aging XMB style, and it now asks questions on what major features Sony are going to bring to their system before going live with the PlayStation 4.

The fact that firmware 4.00 adds no new notable features to the PS3 adds further frustration for gamers, especially since Microsoft recently announced that their latest Dashboard Update for the Xbox 360 will be going live on December 6th, which will not only give Xbox 360 owners a brand new UI overhaul in the style of Windows Phone 7, but it will also add plenty of video content and support to control the entire dashboard using Kinect.

Did gamers expect too much from Sony in relation to their firmware 4.00 update, or are the company worthy of criticism this time for their failure to once again deliver a firmware update which PS3 gamers are pleased with. If you have already installed firmware 4.00 on your PS3, let us know your thoughts on the lack of new features.

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  • Dkids187

    Theres more to, Avis i stream from my computer to the tv mostly tv shows.  Causes i got tons of bluray movies.  Anyhow when i bring up the change screen menu and the stop icons and that menu.  It will pause the show every movement like its locking it up.  On my 120gig next to it its not doing this wacky stuff and it was definatly 4.00 that did this.  I dont know why one ps3 got it ok and the other did not but i guess 1 in 2 gets wacked out by Sonys new patch.  My 80 might of got it to but i dont even know if i got the 4.0 update before it was put up.

  • Dkids187

    I got update 4.00 and it went thru ok so i thought anyhow.  I started it up to have a corrupted hard drive, it went thru the scan and fix fast.  Then i come in to a messed up XMB, however i didnt catch this till after 4.10.  I dont play it all the time, sometimes im on my computer for a few months here and there.  Anyhow the XMB is hesitant and locky.  It acts like it wants to lockup the XMB, my controler if i click something sometimes it makes the sound but the XMB locks and the PSStore advertisements as well for about half a min.  Trophys in XMB do the same, HDD game the sound is skippy and its locky goin in and out of them.  Friends list is where i noticed the most at and account manager.  Its real locky if i scroll thru them fast at times it will actually stop the image on the way up and lock there for a long time. When i look into my name on friends list the circles keep spinning as does the account manager.  Sometimes i get errors connecting and upon entering trophies in XMB, I get Communication with server timed out or something, under matinence.  Its reall wacky and i cant go back to 3.73 and try the updates again.  So its going to cost me it looks like.

  • abc123

  • Why cant they just revamp the whole system software? the messaging is slow and out dated and we’ve been asking for cross game for too long now and im sick of the tired look of the XMB, PS Plus is the biggest load of rubbish ever having been a customer from day 1 and I celebrated when it ran out, YES give us security updates but for gods sake give us a new software update as well!!!

  • fornak8or

    After being forced to update to Version 4 my HULU Plus no longer works. Thanks for nothing SONY! Are you going to give me $7.99 worth of playstation + ? FIX IT DAMN IT!

  • Anonymous

    I deleted and reinstalled the Hulu app yesterday and it worked. But today when i turned the system back on, hulu was not working again. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Yeah I didn’t even delete Hulu, just updated it, then updated the firmware, and Hulu was working fine. I had even been having trouble with Hulu freezing and this update seemed to have fixed it last night. But yeah, now it won’t even start and I didn’t alter anything…lol

  • Michael S

    In addition to the lack of new features, the firmware update breaks Hulu Plus. 

    • Etrnle

      Also broke my Hulu plus

  • Jesse

    Why can we not play online if it’s for the goddamn Vita? For whatever reason, the update is NOT working for me. So I have NO online just because of some retarded update that doesn’t affect me in any way.

  • Paul Silverstein

    Why does PS3 need a new GUI? It is fine as it is.

  • Sam

    Don’t care about updates, it’s a security update, again. They’re fighting a war against hackers and piracy. If you’re angry, be angry at the morons hacking everything and unable to get a decent job to get their stuff. They repulse me. Forget about new cool features for the PS3, there is a war going on and Sony as too much invested in fighting it.

    I read an article on IGN about piracy that The witcher 2 is facing. The game sold over 1 million copy but got illegally downloaded 4.5 million times. That’s a lot of lost money for producers that actually favors consumer rather than fight the stupid **** faces stealing sh*t from their mama’s basement. PC gaming is dying because of piracy, some developers won’t even get games out on PC anymore. Now console will soon go down that road. Which will end up killing the video game industry as we know it. Say high to low budget free games were we have to purchase tons of useless stuff in game to keep playing. 

    I hope hackers are happy to steel and destroy our industry.

    • Williamsjoshua62

      what we really need is to introduce some Soviet Union style laws. They may have been our enemies(who isnt), but they figure if you steal someones identity then you dont need your own and are exectued.

    • MAK Tiger Dragon

      Sure you’re one of those ignorant people that can’t think clearly and the only thing you do is blame people who do use their brains and use math. Cause at this point you didn’t figure it out that knowledge is free and if you would think clearly you would open your eyes and see that the only thing hackers do is use their brains and math, but some enterprises like Sony are trying to restrict the knowledge only for their benefit of course I’m not supporting piracy cause all my games are legal. Piracy can be easily avoided just imagin sell a game to a fair price let’s say one dollar globally I’m sure that they will earn more than they do selling it at high price and just some people buy it and those who don’t have to much money have to look for some hacks just to have fun and some pay to someone for hacking their systems and charging games extra price that they would easily pay for an original one if it wouln’t be so expensive just think in the population of the world and the percentage of people who have access to the NET then they woudn’t need to hack anything and much less look for illegal content, that way everybody win. Also I paid 700 Dollars for my PS3 and what I have, restrictions less content for what I paid a f*cking restriction to PSN due to I can’t even update my PS3 from 3.60 to any new ver. just getting that annoying message 8002F997 error at 76% data corrupted after spend more than 2000 dollars buying the system and games damn. And who’s going to fix that error. if I send it to Sony they will charge it and that’s not my fault what about those people who got the YLOD Yellow death light, and the people who can’t access to the NET, play games, watch their DVDs, watch their Blu Rays only due to their tryed to update their systems and some f*cking error appeard and they are supposed to sell things of high quality then boy you should clar your mind before to blame certain people when in the real world enterprises are the only ones which are taking advantage of us. Besides without hackers you wouldn’t be even playing a game.

  • Papabinko

    Leave Sony alone… They’re offering online for free, they’re give you a system that does just about everything..  3D blue ray.. come on..
    Did everyone rant and rave about SNES, or gamecube not getting any updates or UI changes? No… why?  Cuz it played GAMES.  

  • Sardismac

    cant download data as crap as it is..stops at76% with error code 8002f997   any ideas why?

  • Gavinmcsorley2002

    Personally I bought a playstaion to play games, sure updates to make the machine run better or look better ar nice but as long as it still plays games I don’t really care

  • Didn’t last update remove 3 Systems that can be used for Game sharing? Im surprised they didn’t remove more options seems like everytime they update the firmware they remove key features that we all paid for, Maybe Version 5.00 will remove Blu ray Support, delete Netflix and Hulu plus, Knowing Sonys track record I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed Controller support and made us play with the stupid move

  • congrats every 1, u guys has been successively trolled by Sony! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  • Hahaha

    Leave it to Sony to screw us all over. Not only are they trying to push a pointless new PSP onto us, but they can’t even keep their own products fresh and appealing; not to mention reliable (3rd PS3 in 3 years).

  • so far, the biggest change I’ve noticed is the new warning message that appears during start-up….

    • I can see see where William is coming from, i 
      can’t disagree. It’s very logical. butt……… i’ma hardcore Sony fan! it will take allot more then pissy and disappointing updates to make me swap to an, wack box 360 -,.,-in the end, i will have my salvation! when the ps4 launches!!! getting it ASAP! and looking forward to seeing new features, new graphics on screen, upgraded parts internally wooooooo!!!! if we don’t see these features we are asking for now, i sure can’t wait to be surprised to see them on the ps4!

  • Spam

    Love my PS3 but without decent updates it is slowly turning into just a blue ray player. Time to check out a 360. Sorry Sony, you are supposed to be cutting edge….not playingcatch up.

  • guy

    Why would I get a vita? I don’t need another overpriced piece of hardware that’s sure to get horible support.

  • Brandon

    Did the update, and now my Hulu Plus doesn’t work.

    • Mike Benner

      Hulu Plus wasn’t working for me before the update.

    • Betsy

      Hulu Plus doesn’t work on my PS3 after the update either.

    • Anonymous

      I had the same problem, uninstall/delete hulu plus then reinstall/download it, it’ll work it worked on mine

    • Tom

      My hulu plus won’t work and IM SO MAD

      • Tom

        should have bought an xbox

    • Jderek0007

      I’m having the same problems!!!

  • Guskeenan

    I don’t care about the vita! Give us a decent update. This update is bull.