iOS 5.0.2 change wishlist for iPhone 4S – battery life & Siri

By Jamie Pert - Nov 30, 2011

Recently we told you how the release of iOS 5.0.2 had been delayed, today we thought we would gain some insight from our readers regarding what changes they would like to see the most when it finally arrives.

Currently we aren’t too sure exactly what this update will bring, however it seems likely that Apple’s developers will have been concentrating heavily on squeezing every last minute of battery life out of the iPhone 4S. Since the smartphone’s release lots of people have complained about its battery life, however we have no complaints with this aspect of the 4S following extensive hands-on time with it (that said certain software configurations can heavily affect things).

What we would like to see is more improvements made to Siri, it’s still in its beta stages and certain features only work in the United States we think it is about time that this changed. A recent Siri hack showed the true potential of the iPhone 4S’ built-in personal assistant, therefore it would be nice to see Apple unleash Siri’s more advanced capabilities and perhaps further integrate within iOS and the many applications available from the App Store.

Asides from battery life and Siri we think that most people are pretty happy with the iPhone 4S, some suggest that the Facebook integration is miles behind that of Android and even Windows Phone 7, but in terms of the smartphone’s most important features and functionality it has to be said that iOS 5.0.1 combined with the iPhone 4S delivers an extremely rich smartphone experience for the user.

Below we have set up a simple poll to gain some feedback from our readers, however we would love to see your other iOS 5.0.2 wishes in the comments section at the bottom of this page, please mention what changes you would like to see no-matter how minor they are.

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  • Jrgcld9305

    Should improve battery life an Siri and add Facebook integration

  • Rmkkgpl

    Siri for Indian accent

  • there is some network problem in iOS 5.0.1 i just bought a new iPhone 4S and updated it to 5.0.1 and networks are continuously dropping there was no such problem in iOS 5.0 

  • Anonymous

    Just fix the battery!! 5 hours usage not cutting it!!!

  • tuppyhuh

    iPhone 4s Autofocus issues are a concern.

  • Bill

    Battery Life is less then Half what My old3g Iphone. I and my Wife are very disappointed and are talking to apple store and repalcents

  • my problem is with the signal more than the battery i have now a smartphone that is everything except a phone, i cant send msgs or make phone calls :@ they said that this problem will be fixed in 5.0.2 so i am waiting 

  • Benleto

    My battery’s still appalling with half my functions are turned off – Siri, Location Services, iCloud etc. I even have mobile data off when I’m not checking email or using Safari. I’ve effectively got a smartphone that’s just a phone!

  • Harman

    Tendrían que solucionar el tema de conectividad wifi y 3G. Mi iPod Touch 2g conecta mucho mejor que el iPhone 4s, pensaba que era problema del terminal o de la microsim, pero cambié las dos y los problemas persisten. Espero que con ios 5.0.2 se solucionen estos problemas

  • Nursedude

    iOS 5.1 is supposed to be out end of this year, early 2012 and will supposedly add some more stuff to SiRi. I think it’s unrealistic to expect more than a battery life fix from 5.0.2

  • Bigwilly__00_99

    Please just let me go longer then 8 hrs without having to charge it….light use or heavy use doesnt matter mines dead in 4-6 hours

  • test subject

    My music doesn’t fully sync…many songs get left out, seemingly at random…a playlist of 200 songs will sync 145 of them, for example, with no “rhyme or reason” to which ones don’t sync.

  • Personally I think the whole OS needs better social integration, not to the extent of Android but better none-the-less