ASUS Transformer Prime: Retailers add to US release date confusion

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2011

We have some fresh information to share with you now for those of you who have already pre-ordered a slick new Transformer Prime from ASUS. We previously told you that retailers were issuing varied shipping dates for the device, but now we have another potenial release date for you to be aware of as well.

A few days ago we showed you a video which gave you a quick hands-on review of the device which many of you seemed to enjoy. In that article, we told you that Transformer Prime could be launching on December 8th in the US, but some new details from an unlikely retailer has given us a new release date to think about.

That retailer is GameStop, the retailer which most of you probably pick up your favorite video games from. According to an internal screenshot obtained by Droid-Life, GameStop will be selling the ASUS Transformer Prime on Monday December 19th – just in time for Christmas. However, if you head to their website here, you’ll see that the retailer has two listings for the Prime, either the standalone 32GB version for $499 or the 32GB Transformer Prime bundle for $539.98. The confusing aspect of this, is that both listings display different release dates for the device, with the standalone unit shipping on December 19th as seen in the internal screenshot, and an earlier December 9th release for the Transformer Prime bundle.

To add to the confusion further, NewEgg are showing a December 8th release date for the device. So what does that tell us about when to expect the Prime? Not a lot really, except that GameStop list a December 19th date on both their website and in their internal systems, so this may be worth holding on to more, rather than the other two dates for the bundle and over at NewEgg.

Either way, it looks like those of you who pre-ordered are going to get your Prime delivered before Christmas, which is the main thing isn’t it. If you have already ordered the device, let us know your thoughts on the release confusion – have you seen any other rumored release dates?

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  • Allan

    I pre-ordered at B&H and as of yesterday they told me they cannot tell me when it will ship.

  • Creed0831

    I just hope the retailers have enough in their first shipment to cover all the preorders.

  • Guest

    As of 2 days ago, the stand-alone version of the Prime at GameStop also listed the release date as 12/9/2011. It’s discouraging to see the release date pushed back a week and a half. I pre-ordered with Amazon and haven’t heard anything from them yet as far as an expected ship date.