Perfect Skyrim review from Famitsu, what would you award the game?

Just when you thought you had read enough Skyrim reviews to last you a lifetime, we have just one more to tell you about as this one is pretty significant. If you are familiar with Japanese publication Famitsu, you will be interested to know that they have just published their highly anticipated review for the game.

We asked if you were familiar with them, as most of you will know that they usually just focus on Japanese games. However, with Skyrim now out to the masses and a collection of stellar reviews already online, Famitsu has now revealed their review for Bethesda’s new epic and we can tell you that they have scored the game a flawless 40/40, according to VG247.

The Japanese publication has handed out maximum scores in the past, with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword being the last notable game to get top marks, but this is the very first time in the publication’s history that they have awarded a Western game with maximum marks. Just like other publications like Edge, Famitsu’s review scores are held in high esteem within the industry, so to give a game like Skyrim a perfect score tells you just how good the game actually is.

If you have Skyrim, you will most likely agree with their opinion that the game is one of the best, if not the best game to release in 2011. However, Skyrim’s recent problems on all three platforms have been well documented, but with a patch update hitting all three versions this week, the problems will hopefully be gone for good and everyone can get back to playing a game which Famitsu have deemed worthy of a 40/40 review score.

As a player who has already racked up hundreds of hours on Skyrim, would you agree with the perfect score for the game or do you have a different opinion? If you could give a review score for Skyrim based on your personal experiences so far, what score would you give the game?



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