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Get around carrier tethering plans with iTether for iOS, need to be quick

The growth of the smartphone market in recent years has been pretty rapid, which has led to a big increase in mobile data usage. Many use their smartphone to connect other devices to the internet but can often be hit with a higher bill. But you may be able to get around carrier tethering plans with iTether for iOS devices.

AppleInsider is reporting that the new application that will allow users to tether their PC or Mac via an iPhone 3G connection without paying for the privilege is available, but it remains to be seen how long it will be on the App Store.

The application is available for a one off fee of $14.99, which is better than a recurring $20 charge that AT&T users have to pay. The carrier has made a point of clamping down on unauthorized tethering by users of the iPhone. This can normally be achieved by jailbreaking the device to use unauthorized code, and leads to users being warned they will automatically be charged for such a plan because of their high data usage.

This application though has been approved for sale on the App Store but it could have been an error and could be removed soon. The applications developer has seen its website crash that was caused by the increase in traffic because of the interest in it.

Users who do buy the application do need a Mac or PC client for the iPhone 3G data connection to be accessed. Official plans allow other devices to share a 3G data connection via Wi-Fi without any special software being installed on the other device. People that have already downloaded the app have given it the thumbs up though.

At the time of writing the app is still available from the App Store but download it at your own risk.



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