BF3 Back to Karkand: Possible release date emerges

By Gary Johnson - Nov 29, 2011

Gamers have been able to enjoy the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 for a while now, and despite the competition from other big game releases it has been pretty much well received. There have been a few issues with the servers at times but gamers can look forward to various patches and updates, which will come along side new DLC content. We now have news of the BF3 Back to Karkand DLC with a possible release date emerges.

Earlier today we gave you a new trailer for the upcoming expansion pack that teased a new ‘bulldozer’ vehicle. As we have told you before Back to Karkand is not your ordinary map expansion pack. It will provide Battlefield 3 owners a good sized expansion pack that includes four new maps and some new vehicles to take control of amongst other things.

According to the Examiner they have come across some information that seems to reveal when the DLC will be available. The PlayStation Store over in Asia is saying the Back to Karkand expansion pack will be available next week on December 7th. This could mean it could be hitting other regions on the 6th or sometime next week.

As you will be aware PlayStation 3 owners are getting the content one week earlier than owners of the PC and Xbox 360 versions. So these platforms should see the Back to Karkand DLC arrive around December 14th, and is free to everyone who preordered or $14.99 for those who didn’t.

Are you looking forward to the Back to Karkland DLC?

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  • Anonymous

    Why would PS3 owners get the DLC earlier, BF3 is a game developed ON and FOR the PC.

    Still looking forward to it.

    • Sony made a deal hoping more people would buy the PS3 version, simple marketing really =]