ASUS Transformer Prime: Brief video review touts gorgeous display

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2011

Yesterday we revealed how one clever individual had managed to get Ice Cream Sandwich running on the ASUS Transformer, but now we have a treat for those looking to pick up the successor, the Transformer Prime. A brief video review for the Tegra 3 device has just gone live, and once again highlights why everyone is talking about the Transformer Prime at the moment.

If you didn’t know already, the ASUS Transformer Prime is now available to pre-order in the US, with ASUS rumored to be sending out their initial wave of pre-orders on December 8. If true, then it means that December 8 is a very busy day for the electronics market indeed, with the Galaxy Nexus and Droid 4 smartphones also expected to arrive on this day in the US.

Back to the video though, as Richie’s Room has provided a brief, but excellent look at the Transformer Prime, giving consumers another look at the device. We get a look at both the tablet itself, and how the Prime looks when connected to the dock, which is available as an additional accessory. According to them, the Prime is ‘lighter and thinner’ than the iPad 2′, which may raise one or two eyebrows since the iPad 2 is obviously not considered a heavy device.

The video also gives a runthrough of the hardware specs of the device, the most exciting of which is a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The Prime will ship with Honeycomb don’t forget, but it will be granted an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of 2011 according to ASUS. Ritchie’s Room also speaks about how clear YouTube videos are on the device, giving an indication that the external speakers are decent and well capable of satisying your media needs.

Check out the video below and let us know if you have pre-ordered one already. Are we looking at the best tablet device on the market right now, ahead of the iPad 2? – Probably.

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  • Gary u.k

    Please correct me if i am wrong , the new prime dock station /keyboard , is not compatible with the  transformer dock station/keyboard , Thats £100 plus,  i would have to fork out if i wanted to up grade to the prime to use with a dock station / keyboard . Asus you are on a wave of sucess over Apples Ipad2 , but dont  upset the new convert,s by  going down this road , it will lead us all back to Apple 

    • Mickeymouse

      How is a keyboard dock supposed to connect to a keyboard dock?? At least thats what your question implies.

      • Mrdlewis

        I think he means the prime won’t fit the old keyboard dock he has for the original transformer. So to upgrade, you have to replace both parts!

  • Paul London UK

    Sounds and looks amazing!
    I wish I could pre-order it, but ASUS decided that the US gets it first!
    I’m in the UK.


    • Jondroot

      haha sucker!! 😛

      • Paul London UK

        aw, now that’s not nice mate. I’m struggling here with an original Galaxy Tab 7! Lol.
        Hope you enjoy your Asus Prime when you get it.