Skyrim patch 2.01 changes impress & annoy PS3 gamers

By Jamie Pert - Nov 28, 2011

If you recently switched on your PS3 and started playing Skyrim you may have noticed that a new patch was available, this is title update 2.01 and it is 92MB in size. The patch may take a little while to install, however once installed you should notice that lots of problems have been fixed, including lag-related issues.

Sadly Bethesda Softworks has not revealed a full changelog, however if you head over to the BethSoft forums there are lots of comments which talk about improvements this update brings to the game and bugs which remain unfixed.

Apparently the large game save bug has been improved but not completely rectified, also the game doesn’t jitter as much when rotating the camera or when snow is falling – that said people are suggesting that texture quality has been lowered to allow for this.

As good as this update sounds we can’t help but notice lots of negative comments from Skyrim gamers, some say that at times the frame rate still drops to a shocking 1 frame-per-second post update, whilst other people suggest that some quests are still buggy – such as the College of Winterhold quest. As you would imagine some people are slating Bethesda by saying that they have the worst developers ever who need to learn about the PS3 architecture, others say that they are taking their copy of the game back to the store.

Having played the Xbox 360 version of the game for 40+ hours I can’t imagine how annoying the frame-rate issues are, it’s bad enough when I get a tiny freeze when entering the inventory during an autosave! We would love to hear from you if you have installed patch 2.01 for Skyrim on your PS3, if so how has gameplay been since then? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Hunterk2013

    (PS3) At 12 mb of data and about 52 hours. i can no longer activate shrines. i cant start any quests  let alone finish the ones ive already started. i still have a lag and it freezes completely every now and then. also guards attempt an arrest but after i pick any response it does nothing so i hit O and they say okay and walk away. i cant even get married for crying out loud because every time i talk to malmar he doesnt say anything about marriage anymore. when will this madness end?

  • keanu

    for me it did fiz the lag, but like from the begining some lag is still there, it appears more often and often, the patch for me is good for now, but in 2 or three days the game probably won’t be playable once again! i have a 320 GB slim ps3 so funny that a save in the size of puny 15 mb can do….

  • Mmcsorley1

    I have it on the ps3 and the patch has done absolutely nothing for me. It was fine the first couple of hours of gameplay, but then the lag came in and i had to restart my ps3. Even when going into my inventory and the game does an autosave it lags for like 5 seconds, i honestly havent noticed a single improvement from this patch. What the hell did it fix??

  • Zilla_project

    damn… guess i won’t buy this game for Christmas…. guess I will spent my bucks on MGS and resonance of fate….

    • Zilla_project

      oh, btw I tried oblivion before and it was nice, although it’s not even halfway of the game…( played it at rental ps3)…

  • Skiid

    I have over 150hrs logged. Lag was terrible before the patch and barely tolerable after.  I have turned the autosaves off before the patch and noticed a slight improvement but things have progressed to frequent freezes. I would have stopped playing long ago but we were promised a patch to fix the problems and I kept playing. At this point my character is lvl51 and I have 4 bugged quests,  lag and too many freezes to keep playing.

  • Grendel

    I’ve played about 30 hours siince the patch and am on a 13mb save file. The lagging is less frequent since, but still really bad at times, especially in scenes with multiple npcs. It totally spoiled the finale of the Dark Brotherhood quests for me. And at the start of one of the Stormcloak fort battles the screen would freeze for a second, unfreeze for 2 or 3 secs, freeze for a second, unfreeze… for about 3 minutes. Wtf!!! Also, since the patch the game has frozen solid 4 times, as opposed to 3 times in the 120-odd hours before it.

    Since the patch I’ve noticed a severe downgrade in the quality of water effects, especially running water. (I wish I’d recorded before/after shots or vid, but the first reports after the patch didn’t mention the issue.) While standing water like lakes and ponds were just ok before the patch, I was impressed with the rivers, streams and waterfalls. Since the patch, though, standing water looks like mercury close up and even worse from distance, while running water looks like thick spittle – just awful!  (I’m playing on a Samsung LED tv.)

    Maybe more patches can fix these issues, but I’m trading in for the xbox version as soon as finished with my current character. (I got the game for ps3 as the first graphics comparisons favoured ps3, and was so into the game and my character build by the time the lagging got really bad that I couldn’t bring myself to switch.) 

    Bethesda should be ashamed of themselves for releasing the ps3 version in such a state (especially in light of Shiryuko’s post here)! Ok it’s a really massive game that would inevitably have bugs and glitches on release. But either they knew or did not know about the horrific lag issues before release. If they didn’t know, or didn’t know how bad it was, then why have they not been proclaiming so – and explaining why – from all available locations?! I can only assume they did know but released it anyway. Which is understandable financially and in terms of sticking to an agreed release date but is, to me, despicable!


  • Pisschrst001

    I installed the new patch the day it came out and my game has frozen 5 times— mostly whenever I enter a door or wait, and is extremely annoying. My save file is 12mb and I understand the bug with larger files, but come on you think that they would know that you can’t stay at under 6mbs forever and would have had this fixed from the get go, but they got what they wanted…money from the release…sadly I will be trading this game in today and will never “purchase” a bethesda game again…the fallout series was proof enough their engine is crap so I thought maybe this one would be better…WRONG!!

    • Pisschrst001

      I play on the ps3…sorry forgot to mention that

    • Sam

      -Sigh- Their engine isnt ‘crap’ the engine is next generation the only problem is it was made for consoles (xbox) and ported everywhere else causeing MAJOR compatabilitiy problems that will take years to fix.

  • Sam

    This is to be expected because they made for a console and ported it everywhere thats WRONG most devs know this if you want quality make it for pc and port you get 100% compatability and 90% of the bugs wont even be heard of. The other 10% of bugs that are left sare so minor that you either wont notice or can be patched within days of discovery because its on a pc instead of a console

    • Grendel

      I agree. Users will fix all the (many) bugs and glitches that Bethesda don’t fix. And the game’s just crying out for modding. It’s the first game that’s made me seriously regret selling a fairly high-end gaming pc a year ago. I sold it cos I’d never really got the hang of keyboard/mouse gaming; and configuring for console controllers didn’t work well for most games; there were issues with playing through my tv; and I couldn’t afford a high-end monitor. Wish I’d saved up for a monitor and had kept the pc just for Skyrim!

  • Melvus MacBain

    It’s still laggy after the patch, though not as much as before. However, even worse, the game crashed on me 3 times within an hour after only two hours of play. I’d rather have the lag I had before…

  • Mark

    Better after the patch (PS3) but the game froze 3 times last night when selecting wait. Only played for a couple of hourse so no real extended game play or big battles but the progresssive lag had gone, just stuttered now and then. Not fully tested but can report it has improved. Yes there should have been some serious testing done before release and I’m left scratching my head wondering how you could have missed this, maybe you didn’t, but this game is still one of the best I’ve played and I can’t put it down, just dissapointed for Bethesda because you could have blown the fish out of the water with this one.

  • Not sure what to think right now. What is worse? Progressive lag until I decide to save and then restart the system to knock that out, or random freezing. I’ll take the progressive lag Bethesda. I’d much rather have the ability to save right before restarting than having it happen random. But I know this will be fixed. Overall the update is nice, only had it freeze three times today but I have been playing for like 7 hrs so overall not so bad, but still annoying when that happens.

  • Shiryuko

    Game crashed twice after 2.01 still laggy for my lvl 8!
    My friend worked on skyrim (artwork) and told me that the testers reported most of the experienced bugs but were ignored. The developers only wanted to hear good reports and complaints were just ignored.
    Bethesda you suck…

    • Grendel

      That’s absolutely shocking (assuming it’s true)!!! There should be (in an ideal world) some sort of gaming regulator that can investigate quality assurance practices and standards.

  • Nick Reede

    Less lag moving around, but still huge framerate drops during battle or where there is lots going on. Also game crashed tonight too. 

  • Thorno

    Definitely better than before but I’m still definetly experiencing lag about 30 mins in, previously my 16mb save had frame drops of almost 10 seconds!!! I’m disappointed the problem hasn’t been completely solved though, it just shows skyrim on ps3 was an afterthought, too much attention went to the 360 version.

    • Ben

      It’s a result of the PS3 hardware’s split memory pool.

  • Bill

    Gameplay not any different tbh. Still getting low framerates in cities. Only difference is that my save game went from 9800kb to 9000ish. Nice that my cities aren’t littered with Dragon bones any more though.

  • Loki378

    Game still lags after a couple hours. Not as bad tho. The biggest problem is that I can no longer buy or sell items at vendors. Im done with bethesda.

  • Johnnygarcia76

    for those who are experiencing lagging issues have you tried re installing the game ive heard of success story with that, i have a ps3 with a file save over 5mb with no issues yet just the occasional few second freeze when i bring up the may

  • Don

    Bethesda does not deserve the chance because I believe they knew about the problems and avoided prerelease reviewer testing to manipulate consumers to buy their game. Another website had a short article where they commented they had received advance copies of the XBox and PC versions and were waiting for the PS3 – which says to me INTENTIONAL DECEPTION. I returned my copy and refuse to be a pawn.

  • jACK

    I’ve been playing it now for half an hour, so far so good ( hope it keeps that way )

    • Richard

      Just wait until your save file gets to be 8 or 10 MB. You’ll see tons of lag then, even after the patch. 

  • Ea

    Still laggy after patch …