More MW3 DLC map pack rumors – Five maps coming, will you pay?

Over the weekend we informed you about the very thin rumors related to the possibility of a ‘Nostalgic’ Map Pack releasing as the first DLC content for Modern Warfare 3. Although still not confirmed, that rumor appears to be fake, but now we have fresh DLC information to share with you.

If you missed the news over the weekend, we can tell you that the rumored maps to be coming were all remakes of previous Call of Duty multiplayer maps, with Shipment, Crossfire, Terminal and Favela making up the content. We’re still waiting for a confirmation of that, but a fresh rumor swirling around now appears to be more legitimate, evident in the quick deletion of some leaked screenshots.

Modern Prestige originally had images of five new maps for Modern Warfare 3, but they have been deleted already and the page already removed. Kotaku followed up the story to get the vital information, and it reveals that Activision could be planning to bring five new maps to MW3 – listed as Morning Wood, Park, Italy, Concrete and Overwatch.

In case that sounds familiar to you, Overwatch was contained in Modern Warfare 2, as one of the maps in the Special Ops game mode. Possible ideas for release could see Activision charge a fee for the four new maps, and then release the remade Overwatch map for free for Elite subscribers – just one theory remember.

One thing is for certain – DLC is likely to be on the way soon for the game, but will see any new content before the end of the year or will Infinity Ward make gamers wait for a few months? Considering that the images are no longer avaialble, we would say that this information is probably likely to be true, more so then the ‘Nostalgic’ map pack rumors that we told you about a few days ago.

What are your thoughts on the current wave of MW3 DLC rumors? If you are an Elite subscriber, what package would you see as reasonable – a combination of paid and free maps perhaps?



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