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Europe and US to get Panasonic Lumix Android handsets?

The smartphone market is a highly competitive but a crowded one with some manufacturers currently have a tough time trying to compete with some of the bigger players. Electronics giant Panasonic are better known for their quality TVs and digital cameras, but have dabbled in the smartphone market before and have some hardware available over in Japan. Now there are rumors that Europe and eventually the US are to see some Panasonic Lumix Android handsets.

Back in 2005 the company did make a brief showing in the smartphone market in the region, but found it hard to compete with the more established players in the market. Now according to Mobile Please Panasonic are looking to regroup and have another go at selling handsets in Europe as well as China.

There is also talk the company will enter the American market as well with devices running the Android operating system. The company already has some handsets available in Japan that uses its Lumix camera technology with around 13 megapixel sensors. It is being reported that Panasonic are looking to sell around 7.5 million units in other regions by 2015.

But the thing is will they be able to tempt consumers away from more established companies such as Apple, HTC and Samsung? If they can get the smartphone side of things right including the price having a higher end camera will be a nice bonus for many consumers, as many now use their smartphones more for taking photos.

What do you think would you consider a Panasonic Lumix smartphone?



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