Best Buy UK closing down sale, online and in-store begins tomorrow

By Gary Johnson - Nov 27, 2011

Earlier this month we gave you the news that the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy were to end their joint venture in the UK, by shutting down the operation for good. We now have news that there is to be a Best Buy UK closing down sale, which will begin tomorrow in-store and online.

The first Best Buy UK store opened its doors back in April of last year, and now the company has announced that they will cease trading in the country by January 15th 2012. They have also closed its stores this weekend to prepare for its closing down sale according to Bitterwallet. The sale will cover its online operation as well as its brick and mortar stores.

If you have any Best Buy gift cards in your possession you have until January 15th to use them, and they are no longer available for sale. Any existing service plans are still valid as they are covered by insurer Aviva, but new ones will not be offered.

Best Buy have said they will still deal with any existing warranty claims and for any new product purchased they normally come with at least a one year manufacturer warranty. The retailer has said that any product installations already booked will still go ahead but obviously won’t be taking any new ones.

The store will also still deliver any existing orders or any new ones placed online in the coming weeks, and any repairs that have been promised will still be carried out. The sale promises anything from 10 to 30 percent off so expect Best Buy’s stores and its website to be extremely busy tomorrow.

Will you be trying to get anything from the Best Buy closing down sale?

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  • sam

    The government should not spend more tax payers money on lame dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahmedraja

    I feel really sorry to hear about Bestbuy closing down, Government should really provide financial incentives to keep all minor and major business afloat. This would save the jobs of thousands of its employess.
    Majority of us like buying at sale prices but in this scenario i would put emphasis on Government to look after these business and provide financial boost.