MW3 DLC: Nostalgic Map pack – Release date listed, real or fake though?

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2011

We have some interesting news for those of you who are on the lookout for news regarding Infinity Ward’s first DLC content for Modern Warfare 3. A video has surfaced online suggesting the first DLC pack for the game will be the ‘Nostalgic’ map pack, but its authenticity has been called into question.

At the moment, the video is still online to view now and it claims that the Nostalgic Map Pack will release for Modern Warfare 3 on March 1st 2012, containing four remade maps from Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. The four maps in question are Shipment and Crossfire from COD4, and Terminal and Favela from MW2.

The video shows apparent images of the remade maps in question with the MW3 engine, and although they look semi-legit, a lot of people are calling this a fake. A few reasons for this could be the choice of accompanying music behind the clip, and also the fact that this video still remains live on YouTube, when usually Activision would take down any leaked content in an instant.

Presuming the content is real though, do you like the idea of yet more remade maps for a new Call of Duty game? Perhaps more importantly, would you mind paying for these? If Infinity Ward does have a ‘Nostalgic’ map pack in the pipeline, then we’re guessing that it will be free to Elite subscribers as part of their promised DLC content. For everyone else though, this could be slapped with a 1500 Microsoft Point price tag.

Expanding on this thin rumor even more, we’ve seen that some of you are thinking that this map will come out on January 3rd instead of March 1st. Don’t forget that Activision previously listed their MW3 teaser videos as ‘11.8.11’, putting the month before the date. However, in the supposed leaked video below, there’s also ‘2012’ listed, which Activision are not common for putting either – just something to bear in mind as you ponder if this is real or not.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on it, whether it is real or fake and whether you would mind waiting until March, AND paying for it.

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  • Nozzlenut104

    Real or not Mw3 sucks Mw2 was the best ever made

  • Goegrog27

    erm is shipment like the small map of cod 4 as i remember cos if it is then i doubt it is real because imagine killstreaks like preds ac130s ospreys stealth bombers etc… it would be horrible

  • Mbrinneman

    some of this could be real but some is definitely fake. The release date for the 1st dlc map pack along with new spec ops missions is jan. 24th. Therefore the nastalgic map pack might be real but it won’t be the first dlc for mw3

    • Www Jessicabarr


  • guest

    fake!!!! also i would mind paying for them as well.

    • i did ur mum

      Well why r u here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concerned citizen

    it january 3 2012 ALAN get ur act together or you wont be doing this long

  • Aaron

    Could be January 3rd. Remeber Black Ops release dates? the month and the day were reversed?

  • Torg Von Org

    fake no new maps tats retarded

  • that guy

    trademark thing in bottom left makes me think its legit, but in early production, the maps will change if this is real, But shipment will definitely not be in there, fourzerotwo knows that would be terrible, imagine, AC130s on shipment, no way.

  • Conzay755

    I think they are (may) be releaseing the new map pack’s on 2012 is because after all the team deathmatch stuff, and other game mode’s start to get old and boring, the new map pack’s will Boost MW3 up again

  • ExCODplayer

    I’d say it is real they are trying to take the game back to when it was somewhat good MW3 is horrible BF3 destroys it all day have fun playing with 8yr olds that like to cuss.

  • St_chris1st

    fake begining and dont see those as maps they would bring back and map pack would be 1200 msp or 15$ the music dont matter one  map pack prob fave a lote of open maps since ther not alot or small to med maps since most th maps now are big

  • Arj753

    It’s real because if you look closley the screenshot of terminal has different colors and that place with the tank on the top had no gas tanks and in mw2 it had gas tanks 

  • doug

    you can tell its fake idc bout all dat geeky stuff you people dat claim its real are sayin bacause compare this mw3 map pack trailer to mw2 map pack trailers this is shitty as hell compared to those

    • Waltee

      This isn’t a trailer, it’s purely showing pictures of each map. 

  • Th3mightypi3

    if I wanted to play old maps I would play the old games!! I hope to god its not real they are just taking the piss if it is!

  • fake

  • Mattbergman

    that is defintly not legit

  • Faceplant21

    i swore i could know those maps naaa probably not the look legit 

  • I don’t put much faith in these selections. I am sure that we will see some older maps, but I think they will be more better selected than what is offered due the increased pace of MW3. Shipment would be a major catastrophy as a MW3 map.

  • RobertBowling

    It is real if you look at the bottom right of the screen when it is showing screenshots of the maps it says 2011 Activision Publishing, MW2 was released in 2009 it did not have any map packs in 2011 and these maps were not included in a map pack which means that this IS real. And if you say that it isn’t because it says 2011 Activision Publishing then you are wrong because this video could have been unofficially released. If it was found by somehow breaking into the Activision trailer site then so be it, if it says 2011 Activision Publishing then Activision was probably going to release the video in 2011, so yes the Nostalgic map pack is real.

    • dave

      Its clearly fake.  The video is showing a few screen shots accompanied with crappy music anybody could have made it.  Don’t be so gullible.

  • Bob

    Im not sure if its fake or real either. The date doesn’t seem right because since they are releasing dlc for 9 months in a row the last dlc would come out in november the same time as the next CoD. I doubt they would release it so close to the next one. If it was in january it would make more sense. Also they usually have 5 pieces in the dlc. Im guessing the 5th will be spec ops maybe? Those would be the reasons why i think it could be fake. But the reason i think it could be real is, one of the people i added online said his cousin works on elite and said the first dlc would be maps from previous games. I didn’t believe him and thought he was bullshitting but, activision never put the old maps in the first dlc and he said that like a week ago before this came out. Maybe he wasn’t lying? Also i think they purposely put shitty maps in mw3 cause they are going to have more dlc than before and you will want to buy the new ones.

  • Waltee

    I’m not so sure if it is real or not. If it is, I would expect that it would mean the 3rd of January seeing as all the DLC for the last two (possibly further back I wouldn’t know) games were all released on Tuesdays. Also, they did say that there was going to be lots of DLC starting from the beginning of next year over 9 months. 
    As for the person that said that the maps weren’t even that liked by the community, as a S&D player I can safely say that Terminal and Favela from MW2 were loved by the community, and Crossfire was a fan favourite on CoD4 as well. 

  • Marinepauley

    This is fake.  Infinity ward would be talking about the map pack in the video.  who ever made this is retarded. 

    • yut0811

      not to mention that a majority of the maps weren’t even that liked by the community. 

      • Alec547

        ok terminal was almost everyones faveorite from mw2, crossfire was one of the best from cod4, and favela was a very liked map on mw2 other then shipment seeing how that was mainly used for cage match boosting and private games i dont know what your talking about when you say the majority were not liked by the community when they all were

        • leo_guy

          I think its trickery and deceive. Activision is behind this and the reason is:

          mw2’s terminal and favela were indeed very liked maps, shipment not sure, never played mw1 online. So, they want their fans to eb interested and keep playing so that’s why they released this stupid video (which I can’t see yet because of adobe issue) just to see what will be players reviews and how will they  act when they will know that first DLC contains old maps.

          It’s all marketing scheme. Not that I am against it , just frustrated how these big companies like activision and Apple has a hype going on everywhere. the game is just released 3 weeks before and there is already a tlak to rip players more now.