Xbox 720 release date rumored to bring not one but two models

By Gary Johnson - Nov 26, 2011

The next Xbox console has been in the headlines lately with various speculation surrounding when any such device will be coming available. Earlier this month there was even talk the new console that was codenamed Ten was set to be released towards the end of next year. We now have reports that the Xbox 720 release date is to bring not one but two new models.

Only yesterday we had a statement from Sony saying it wasn’t in their best interests to release their new console long after the competition. CVG are reporting that Microsoft is looking to release two new models with its next console.

One of these is alleged to be a scaled down system that the company will release as cheaply as possible, and would be more like a set-top box. This could be used more for things such as Netflix and also have a “Kinect-themed gaming portal“.

This would come alongside the full console that will have an optical drive, and hard drive with backward compatibility that will focus on the hardcore gamer with a higher retail price. There are also claims that Kinect will get a major upgrade and come bundled with the console.

We have already heard the company has big plans for Kinect with new hardware promised for PC users, and rumors that Microsoft is also looking at TVs with integrated Kinect. It is now being rumored that Microsoft could announce its next console at the CES event in Las Vegas in January next year.

Obviously there is more than one version available of the current Xbox 360, but if these rumors are true Microsoft could be looking to diversify more next time round. Do you think next year is too soon for the next Xbox?

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  • iQuickScope15

    i cant wait to get it i hope they make mw4 for a release game

  • Contraband

    But what about Onlive? That’s getting better and better all the time and if they start charging say $10 a month for access to all games then Microsoft and Sony have got a real problem. Kinnect is still a bit gimmicky like the Wii and most people don’t want to be jumping around when they’re playing video games. 

  • Simonportingale

    Of course it’s to soon I would rather they would wait so there will be enough games for on release. Plus kinect just came out not even a year ago and haven’t real done much with it yet( still waiting look at it every day saying one day I will use it). I bet they release it with gta v so everyone goes out and buys it cha Ching.

  • osman

    well i am not sure, when xbox360 was released but i think for a new console with a new graphics and power is too early to be released in the next year