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Silent Hill: Book of Memories, PS Vita multiplayer details and screenshots

Fans of the horror game series Silent Hill are likely to have mixed feelings towards the route that Konami seems to be taking it down with their latest installment for the PS Vita, Silent Hill: Book of Memories. It will be the first title in the series to feature a multiplayer option with co-op gameplay mode and a new top-down camera angle.

In an earlier article by Alan Ng we brought you news of all of the launch titles that have been announced for the next-generation Sony handheld. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is one of the many third-party games that are in development. It is also the first Konami game to be announced for the device as well as being exclusive to it.

According to Konami the story of the game follows a ‘mysterious book’ which apparently contains the player’s memories. The publisher went on and added ‘and this content can be altered…’ which would imply that the ‘Book of Memories’ can be edited by reliving the memories perhaps. They also explained the co-operative mode saying it ‘lets players explore the Otherworlds together, while scary surroundings, limited resources and dark atmosphere keep the tension high.’

New screenshots of the game have also surfaced revealing the new camera angle and some of the environments players must face during gameplay. There are seven in total, all of which show of the in-game graphics except one, which is of what looks like a man at a desk writing in what we assume is the Book of Memories, surrounded by what could be an army of ghouls and monsters. Head on over to PSU for a glimpse at all the images released from the game so far.

Do you like the new perspective of the game? What are your thoughts on the game in general so far?



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