New MW3 patch now live for PS3 and Xbox 360, lag fixed?

By Gary Johnson - Nov 25, 2011

Since the latest installment of the Call of Duty franchise was released, most of the gamers who actually purchased the game have been pretty satisfied so far. There was some criticism from some saying it was to similar to previous titles with even some of the same buildings used. There have also been some users complaining of a problem concerning the game having a lag issue. Today we can tell you that a new MW3 patch is now live to download for the PS3 and Xbox 360, so is the lag now fixed?

According to an article over at MP1ST the new patch has been released for all consoles to download. This was recently promised by Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling, and the Thanksgiving patch is expected to fix problems with lag, rank loss problems, and matchmaking.

The size of the download is 4MB for the Xbox 360 and 21MB for the PlayStation 3, and it should become available as soon as you log into the multiplayer section of the title. Currently there are no official notes to accompany the latest update, but it has been promised that Bowling will reveal what the already released patches have sorted at a later date.

Currently feedback has suggested that some of the issues have been fixed but not for everyone. Some have said the lag is now gone but others are saying it still exists. While the update is still being pushed out across the world it won’t become clearer until more users have used the game after updating.

Have you downloaded the update? Have you noticed any issues?

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  • iQuickScope15

    not much laging and dont get rid of quick scoping it is fun when youknow how to do it and black ops was the worst

  • black ops is still better

  • Black Ops was better

    Never had any lag until they added this patch.  Now there is a 50% chance for it to lag anytime I get involved in a fire fight.

  • Owly

    Quite possibly the laggiest game ever. Not fixed by 25/11 patch.Worse? Possibly.
    They need to fix it so my fibre optic connection is NOT feeding someone’s dodgy dial up connection. I want my speed for me.
    Also, they need to “fix” (get rid of) quickscoping….why on earth do they allow such cheats to exist, and encourage people to exploit them.????

    • Sniper

      I absolutely hate this bullsh*t, “cheating quickscopers”!? It’s difficult, it takes skill, and the people who think it isn’t should try it for a while, and I don’t mean go snipe a couple rounds like a camper I mean run-and-gun quickscope, you’ll suck I promise. And how is that cheating in comparison to automatic shotguns with mid-range capabilities, THAT’S what’s overpowered, not snipers, if you want QS like me to run around with reg weapons that’s just fine, but you’ll be even more pissed when you start dying more often.

  • and there i was thinking they would patch the low life cheating quickscopers. 

    lucky i have battlefield 3 !! i so regret buying mw3, but i just cant bare to sell it !! 

    • Yeh i agree. Wish the quickscoping had been sorted. Black ops was better without it. I think i’ll stick to my Battlefield 3 aswell 🙂

  • Rob150574

    lag doesnt seem too bad,but defo agree with laurie voice comms need sorting big time.

  • Alberto

    I do still have a lot of lag. Indeed, the patch seemed to make things worse!

  • Haven’t experienced any lag since first update, voice comms need sorting though