Skyrim Speech glitch, reach level 100 easily

By Jamie Pert - Nov 24, 2011

People seem to be enjoying our short and to the point Skyrim tutorials, thefore following on from our Smithing guide we thought we would show you how to quickly and easily level up your Skyrim speech skill, don’t worry, it won’t take long thanks to a glitch which a YouTube user found.

The ‘Gametastik’ YouTube Channel uploaded a video 11 days ago which slipped under our radar, this shows you how to reach level 100 in Speech very quickly, this is thanks to a slight glitch which may get patched at any time – so act fast if you’re going to take advantage of it.

Firstly you must head to Riften and find the Black-Briar Meadery. To get there once in Riften immediately head right (before you pass any buildings), now take your first left and you will cross a small bridge and see a large building in front of you, walk down the right hand side of this building and the second building on the right is the Black-Briar Meadery.

When you enter the building talk to Ungrien at the counter (see below), here select ‘Tell me about Maven Black-briar’ and then select ‘Here, now tell me the truth (38 gold)’. The next time you do this you will be able to select ‘Come on, get the truth off your chest (Persuade)’ and your Speech will increase, you can repeat this over and over until you reach Speech level 100.

Some will argue that this ruins the game and you should really let things progress naturally, but whilst we agree with this we think that some certain things take ages to level up and such glitches can save you dozens of hours – do you agree?

Below we have embedded a video showing you the complete process:

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  • Michael

    this no longer works people april 2013 update ruins this, now is there another way ??

  • J1972w

    I usually don’t exploit glitches but I did try this one out and was able to get up to level 60 as of now. I do not get much time to play so this is a help.

  • Say What

    no its useful as speech is hard to get up its true bosses level up with you but my magic is powerful enough to defeat them though so just glitch on the very hard thing to level up

  • Duh

    Don’t do it! Tried this and the Smithing one too. Now super-rich and totally unable to kill any bosses. A lot of them level with you, you know!