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PS Vita rivalling Wii U with potential PS3 remote gaming update

If you’re still undecided about whether or not you will be investing in Sony’s next-generation portable handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Vita then perhaps this news will be enough to persuade you to do so. The company is reported to be planning an update that will see the device gain remote PS3 gaming functionality.

Nintendo are another company that will be using this concept of gaming around the house through their next-generation console, the Wii U. if Sony is in fact working on bringing an update to their PS Vita that will allow it to stream PS3 games over a Wi-Fi connection, then they will be competing directly against Nintendo and it is likely that the more powerful PS Vita will triumph.

According to Eurogamer the PS3 games will only be outputted at 480 x 272, the output of the PSP, but will be upscaled to fit the PS Vita dimensions. Reports also suggest that PS3 titles could be developed to feature a PS Vita setting in future that will allow them to be more compatible with the device’s OLED 960 x 544 resolution screen.

Sony is yet to officially confirm any of these reports, despite the fact that they demonstrated a similar type of gaming on the PS Vita at the Tokyo Game Show event where the device was first launched. Games including Killzone 3 were shown to be controlled via the handheld with missing buttons being mapped onto the touchscreen. Co-op gameplay was also demonstrated where two people were playing Little Big Planet 2 at the same time, one using the PS Vita and the other using a regular Dualshock controller.

Do you think the PS Vita update is likely to happen? If so does it make the handheld become more appealing?



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