Microsoft Kinect to come built into Sony TVs?

By Gary Johnson - Nov 24, 2011

Only yesterday we brought you the news that Microsoft had announced that it was currently developing new Kinect hardware to be used with Windows PCs. Now today there are rumors that the Microsoft Kinect technology could come built into Sony TVs among others.

Sources are now claiming that the company are looking to get the Kinect technology into as many homes as possible, and sees the integration into TVs as an ideal way to do this. According to an article on Cnet Sony and Vizio are allegedly in talks with the company about the idea.

This is where these rumors start to lose credibility though as why would Sony want to give a leg up to one of its fiercest rivals? Sony has its own PlayStation Move controllers that may be a slightly different concept, but would they really want Microsoft technology in their TV sets? Its TV arm may not be doing great at the moment but it would be surprising if Sony felt this would be a good idea to change the situation.

Having Kinect built into TVs is a good idea though as besides gesture controls it could recognize who is in front of it. It could also remember what each user watches and settings for the TV as well. Microsoft and TV manufacturers alike may be getting worried with what Apple are planning, as rumors continue to circulate that the company will be bringing its own TVs out to the market at some point.

It could be an interesting addition though to the TV sets we have in our homes in the future. Would you like to see TVs with built-in Kinect?

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  • Anonymous

    I think I would mostly use Kinect for when i’m searching for a movie to rent, or browsing a library full of music such as Sony’s Music Unlimtied Service. Instead of typing which can be irritaiting on  a remoet, I can just speak it. =)