HTC G1 rolls back the years with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 port

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2011

We have a great story to tell Android fans now, as we can tell you that the HTC G1 smartphone, yes that old battleaxe, has just received a working port to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Pretty incredible and beyond belief isnt it?

We’re not making this up either, as the person responsible for the port has provided a video showing the HTC G1 running Google’s latest Android update. Just for those that are not aware, the HTC G1 was released all the way back in 2008 with Android 1.0 and despite the legendary device just having a 528 MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, cunning developers have managed to get Android 4.0 running on the device.

Unsurprisingly, the guys over at XDA Developer Forums are the ones to thank for this port, more specifically jcarrz1 and his team, according to Phandroid. Obviously the port is far from perfect, and just about everything takes a good while to load up. However, it is the principle of getting this port to work on such an old Android device here that is the big deal and it does make you wonder when manufacturers give excuses about hardware restraints being the primary reason for lack of software updates – We’re looking at your Nexus One handset Google.

If you remember the HTC G1 running Android 1.0 three years ago, we recommend you check out the video below for a surprise. If anything, this video alone tells us that the likes of the Nexus One can obviously run Ice Cream Sandwich, but obviously at what performance level remains to be seen. Hopefully jcarrz1 and his team will start working their way through the list of old Android handsets and really put Google and other manufacturers to shame.

What are your thoughts on this seeing Ice Cream Sandwich run on a three year old device?

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  • Oh the G1. Even with your super out dated hardware and Android software… I still wish I owned you again. Even if it is just to look at it.