EA climb down as PS3 owners to get Battlefield 1943, how to get yours

By Gary Johnson - Nov 24, 2011

Late last month when Battlefield 3 was launched to the world, we had the news that owners of the PlayStation 3 would not be getting the free copy of Battlefield 1943. This led to talk of legal action being taken after gamers were promised early releases of DLC instead, which had already been promised. Now we have news of an EA climb down as PS3 owners are to get Battlefield 1943, and we can tell you how to get yours.

According to an article over at CVG.com EA will now honor its original promise of a free copy of the game for owners of the PS3 who purchase Battlefield 3. The company had been trying to calm the matter by saying PS3 owners would get timed exclusive DLC content for Battlefield 3 instead.

Trouble is this was already promised before the game actually became available, so the publisher seemed to be failing to give PS3 owners anything new at all. The publisher has released a statement saying there has been a misunderstanding surrounding the matter.

It continued by saying “To address this we are making Battlefield 1943 available free of charge to owners of Battlefield 3 on the PS3 beginning this month.” PlayStation 3 owners who own Battlefield 3 can access Battlefield 1943 PSN vouchers on November 26th in Europe. Gamers in the US, Asia and Japan have to wait a little longer until December 10th and December 17th respectively.

To get your free copy of the game head over to the EA website and follow the instructions given. There were some Battlefield 3 owners who were saying they weren’t bothered about the lack of the free game, but many more would have been disappointed.

Are you pleased EA are now sticking to their promise?

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