Download Skyrim 4GB mod for PC: Re-enables LAA, Bethesda supports

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2011

If you are currently livid with Bethesda at the moment for their supposed ‘game-breaking’ PC patch update for Skyrim that went live recently, we have news of a solution for you. A new LAA launcher has just become available for download, allowing you to once again play Skyrim with a smile, thanks to a mod that re-enables 4GB RAM support.

For those of you who are not aware of what’s happened with the PC version, Bethesda released a DRM-fueled patch update for the game directly merging the .exe file to Steam, meaning that the game wouldn’t run without booting Steam first. This in turn disabled the LAA mode that many PC players had running prior to the update, since it allowed them to run Skyrim with more RAM allocation other than Bethesda’s 2GB limit. This then meant that the game ran more smoothly and prevented Skyrim from crashing frequently, which is what often happened without the LAA mode enabled.

So, as you can imagine Bethesda disabling that LAA created a mighty uproar in the Skyrim PC community, but thankfully a solution has now become apparent. A new file has popped up on popular mod site SkyrimNexus which re-enables 4GB support for the game, you can download it here, and read feedback from official Bethesda Forum members here if you are worried about it not working. Even Bethesda’s Pete Hines has put his support behind the new LAA mode, as you can imagine that he’s getting thousands of complaints about Bethesda initially taking away support.

If the new patch update is causing you big problems on the PC version of the game, we highly recommend you install that mod and see how your game handles afterwards. If you have already installed it, let us know what performance is like, so other users can follow up and install with no worries.

Is your Skyrim experience now a happy one after this mod, or are you still having problems with the game?

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  • VatoLoco

    I Dont even have decent internet (its GPRS and in Africa) I cannot play and be on the internet at the same time 🙁

  • Guest

    I never thought I would say this, but truth has to be told. After a wait of five years, and after paying $60, if we cannot expect a seamless experience, then shame on you Bethesda. How bad is your QA department, really?

    • Sam

      On pc? I doubt there is a PC team at Bethesda. It’s just the boys working on the xbox version copy pasting on pc during breaks. That’s why it runs like crap on computers able to max BF3

  • I don’t want Steam ramrodded up my “oshiri.”  I don’t want my game play spied on.  I don’t allow applications to get on the Internet except to try to do an update (although bloody Zone Alarm has made that more difficult with their new software).  However, Bethesda wants me to be online at ALL times when playing Skyrim because God forbid I play the game when I want and how I want. *_*  Bloody DRM crap sucks and does NOTHING to stop piracy. 

    • Guest

      You know there is an offline mode in Steam… You just click – Steam>Go offline – simple as.

      • Fghsdgnfd

        the latest patch has disabled offline mode also disabled is update history via steam (to check what updates were done and when etc)