Battlefield 3: New patch update coming – Tactical Light, IRNV addressed

By Alan Ng - Nov 24, 2011

We have some more news for Battlefield 3 players now, as just days after EA DICE unleashed a huge patch update for the PC version of the game, we’re now hearing the first details on the next patch update for BF3, including details on the much-debated absence of tweaks to the tactical light and IRNV scope.

If you play the game regularly, you’ll know that a tweak to the tactical light to make it less effective at longer ranges is probably top of the list for things that need fixing in the game. The IRNV scope isn’t that big of an issue, but it looks like DICE will also be nerfing the IRNV scope although we’re sure what exactly they’ll do to it to make it more ‘balanced’.

As most of you will be aware, both of these tweaks did not make it into the recent PC patch update, but now we’ve heard that they will definitely be included in the next update. According to MP1st, they didn’t make it into the previous update in time, but thanks to Ian Tornay, EA’s Community Manager, we now have a partial list of improvements that will be coming in the next update to the game, which we’re presuming will affect all three platforms.

Here is a message that he posted to Reddit recently:

”We’ve made progress that most of you appreciate and the fixes we are making are welcome. That being said, there are still some issues that you’ve been asking about that weren’t included in this patch. These include, but are not limited to:

In-game VOIP
Various nerfs including Taclight
changes to chat window (size, positioning)
Additional changes to squad interface, including the ability to make squads
Beep beeps (Which will be implemented, just not in this patch)

Squad and in-game interface changes (mostly revolving around the proposed fan-designed interface)

EDIT: TV Missles – definitely known (can’t believe i left it off @_@)

EDIT: Spectator/Battlerecorder – Another very popular request. (I can’t believe I left it off! I’d like this too _)

Please know that these are definitely on our radar as top issues for community requests.”

As you can see, you’ll be pleased to hear that DICE are planning to add VOIP features to the game, while its refreshing to see that they are still working on making squad functionality perfect. A tweak to TV Missiles is interesting, and an option to record gameplay should have really been in there from the start – great that they are adding it now nevertheless.

What are thoughts on the areas of focus listed above by EA? Is there anything that they are still missing and needs to be added asap? We’ll let you know when we have a much more complete update list to give you regarding the next patch.

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  • Galdo

    On PC i get almost no crashes since i updated my graphic card drivers (so 1 day after the release).

    The TV missile is completely broken… You shoot it, it hits the target and explose, but 4/5 times it wont do damage… lol

  • James

    I couldn’t care less about squad management, scopes and team balancing – Like JCROPLEY said, I want the game not to crash every 5 minutes.

    Especially frustrating as I spent £1700 on a new rig to play it.




  • Jedblade

    I need my IRNV scope to compete because my TV is blurry and small – and no, I cannot afford a new TV

    • Jamonymow

      WHAT A POOR EXCUSE  ,,,,use your eyes

  • Dynasty2021

    ”The IRNV isn’t that big of an issue…”

    What’s wrong with you?  It’s an in-game, available-to-everybody HACK, no less.  Green background and huge yellow blobs running around.

    Completely, COMPLETELY, removes the skill requirement.  Anyone who says differently is an idiot and/or uses it all the time so doesnt want to see it go, as their k/d ratio would PLUMMET.  Not so good are you NOW?!

    To balance it, they just have to make it like it was in the beta; frigging USELESS outside in the light.  I remember unlocking it in the beta, trying it and thinking ”well this is the most pointless scope ever unless I’m underground.”  Now, it’s the exact opposite.  It’s the single worst unlock in the game.  Completely game-changing.  Not necessarily breaking by any means, it just has NO counter, so is unbalanced.

    Spec Ops camo darkens you out, but your straps and gear still show on the scope, so they can still see you easily, so it’s not that great of a counter.

    Tweaking TV missiles? Why?  Try fixing the Javelin guys?  Even with SOFLAM locked on, fire a Javelin and it’s like winning the lottery if it hits the target.  Plenty of videos around showing up to 2 people firing onto the same stationary tank after someone has SOFLAM’d the target, the rockets go up, come down like they should for the damage bonus, and land BEHIND the stationary tank. 

    I love BF3, but the stuff they think needs tweaking is retarded.