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Samsung’s new Galaxy S II Ad attacks Apple iPhone 4S users

If you thought that the ongoing war between Samsung and Apple may eventually be coming to a halt, think again. Samsung has just upped the ante considerably by releasing a new ad for their Samsung Galaxy S II handset, an ad that takes a direct swipe at Apple’s iPhone 4S.

Samsung certainly do not hold back either, as they poke fun at the iPhone ‘queues’ that generally take place at a new product launch, and this one recreates an iPhone 4S queue, with queuers getting distracted as somebody walks past with a Samsung phone – that being the Galaxy S II.

We hear lines in the ad such as ‘9 hours down, we’re almost in the door’, and ‘If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?’ – a direct shot at the iPhone 4S looking similar in appearance to the iPhone 4. Samsung even include the recent complaints about iOS 5 battery life too, as we see one man in the video say ‘Uh oh, blogs are saying that battery looks sketchy’.

In comparison, Samsung highlights the Galaxy S II by users in the video saying that it has a massive screen, and that it has 4G connectivity. Perhaps the biggest standout line in the ad though is when we hear one user say ‘I could never get a Samsung. I’m creative,’ which is another sarcastic attack at Apple.

From a neutral perspective, you have to say that this video from Samsung is pretty amusing, and one which most of you will find funny – maybe not for sensitive iPhone owners. We have a feeling that Apple is inevitably planning to get their own back on Samsung though, and we predict that they’ll release a new ad of their own to hit back.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S II or an iPhone 4S, watch the video below and let us know what you think of it. Harmless fun, right folks?



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