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Has Xbox Live been hacked? Microsoft say no chance

Microsoft has issued a swift reply in response to the huge story yesterday that claimed that their Xbox Live service had been hacked into and that millions of British pounds had been stolen. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has denied that their service has been targeted by hackers.

The claims came from UK newspaper The Sun, who said that ‘thousands’ of gamers have had their accounts hacked and money taken in the process. The Sun even listed figures, saying that the average Xbox 360 gamer had around £100 (around $156) stolen from their accounts, with some users even having £200 taken.

Naturally, Microsoft were keen to set the story straight and calm fears by saying that their service has not been targeted by hackers, and that their Xbox Live security remains in tact. Here is a statement from the company, according to Eurogamer:

”Xbox Live has not been hacked. Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service.”

Instead, Microsoft has put the attack down to ‘phishing’ scams, rather than an outright hack, saying that certain individuals are sending out messages via email for example, in attempt to trick users into handing out their personal details such as credit card information, passwords and usernames. The company has reminded users to stay aware and not hand out such information at any time, while on their part they will be working with individuals who have been targeted by phishing attacks in an attempt to remedy the situation.

It goes without saying really that you shouldn’t hand any any sensitive information such as credit card details, especially via an email – that’s just asking for trouble. However, if you have noticed any suspicious activity on your Xbox Live account, then Microsoft has provided a telephone number for you to get in contact with them. The number is 0800 587 1102 so write that down for future reference. Alternatively, you can visit the Xbox security website here for additional information.

What are your thoughts on this story? Have you had any Microsoft Points stolen from your account, or know of any one who has?



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