BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 bricking issues indicated, fix incoming

By Chris Cook - Nov 23, 2011

Both the new smartphone models from RIM, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and the 9900 have been making an impressive impact on the market with many reviewers stating them to be the best BlackBerrys ever. Despite their success they have been having, there have also been certain issues with the handsets that the company has recently acknowledged claiming a fix is incoming.

So the ‘best BlackBerrys to date’ might just have one of the worst bugs that have ever been experienced too. The problem that has become apparent is bricking issues which have been indicated by RIM who ensure customers there is a fix on the way. According to Phonedog, several complaints have been received from owners saying that their device simply won’t turn on. This problem seems to derive after the handset has been on charge, although the cause has not yet been identified.

Confirmation of the issue came from the company who said in a statement ‘limited number of customers have reported an issue where their device does not power on’ and that they are ‘actively working on a software update to resolve this issue.’ The main concern is not only for the 9930/9900 owners but for BlackBerry owners in general, as this problem comes off the back of a major outage that the company experienced recently and with their flagship models now suffering the reputation of the company is now in jeopardy.

What’s less reassuring is there is no actual date mentioned when the update to fix this bug issue is to be released. In the meantime those concerned can check out the company’s forums or look out for an update from us about when the issue is resolved. Have you experienced these bricking problems with your BlackBerry Bolds?

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  • Bigrick541

    i have a blackberry bold and the number 4 button just fell of i only had the phone for 2 months and when i called verizon and blackberry  none of them would help me saying it must be physical damage but the phone looks bran new except the 4 button not a scratch ive been a costomer for 13 years and they will do nothing dont by a blackberry.