Best weapon in Skyrim: Chillrend, Wuuthrad – What else have you found?

Now that you have had the chance to share some quality time with Skyrim, how are you finding your experience so far, ignoring the problems that have already been well documented recently? We want to focus on some of the new weapons that are scattered throughout Skyrim, and ask you what discoveries you have made so far.

We have a found a few decent weapons ourselves, and two of these are arguably some of the best in the game. Considering the sheer scope of Skyrim though, we have a feeling that there may be even better weapons out there, so we’re leaving it up to you to tell us what weapons you’re using at the moment.

One weapon which we found very useful and have seen a lot of positive feedback is the Chillrend. It is an enchanted weapon found in Riftweald Manor in Riften and carries with it some very impressive magic – 25 frost damage and the chance of paralyse for 2 seconds with every hit. This one-handed sword is pretty good as it is when you get it, but when you upgrade it to legendary class, it is easily one of the best weapons in the game, with 100 damage instead of 37 and 30 frost damage with each hit instead of 25.

If you enjoy using blunt weapons in Skyirm, you should also look out for the Wuuthrad, as this is another great weapon in the game and probably the best two-handed axe in the game. It is found during the Companions guild quests, and has the special ability of dealing extreme damage to Elves. The good thing about the Wuuthrad, is that it can be enchanted further, unlike other enchanted weapons.

Have you found these two weapons in Skyrim yet? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Have you found any enchanted weapons that are better than these, we’re not counting daedric weapons here as obviously they are pretty powerful alone and you can customize them yourself to make them even more powerful. We’re talking about unique weapons hidden throughout Skyrim, so let us know what you have found and what abilities they have.



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