Skyrim smithing guide to level up fast

By Jamie Pert - Nov 22, 2011

When you start your Skyrim journey you are very lacking in terms of Magicka, Health and Stamina, however as you level up throughout the game you can increase all of these attributes and slowly become a force to be reckoned with. Today we will show you a great way to level up quickly in Skyrim whilst improving your smithing and speech level.

The main part of this guide comes courtesy of IGN, however having tried it out ourselves we have a bit more advice for you to enable you to level up as quickly as possible. Before following this brief guide please ensure that you have plenty of gold which you are willing to spend (1000 or more), also don’t worry if you become over-encumbered during the process as you don’t have far to travel. One very important thing to note is that when you rank up so will some of your enemies.

Firstly you must go into Whiterun and enter the first building on your right, this is called Warmaiden’s and it is open during the daytime (you can use the wait feature if you get there too late / early). Behind the counter you can speak to Ulfberth War-Bear and see what he has for sale, you need to buy as many Leather Strips and Iron Ingots as you can afford then leave the store.

Once out of the store head left and you will see a a Blacksmith Forge, use it and go into ‘Iron’ and then create as many Iron Daggers as you physically can, your Smithing level will increase rapidly – in the video embedded at the bottom of this post you can see someone jump from Smithing level 29(ish) to 42 in around 5 seconds, also it helps you level-up in the game easily (I went from level 7 to 10 in a matter of minutes).

When you have created all the daggers which you can afford simply go back in the store and sell them and your Speech level will improve, you can then afford more Iron Ingots and Leather Strips and repeat the process over and over again. If you spend the skill points you earn on Smithing you will soon be able to create high-level armor very early in the game (as long as you have the correct materials).

If you find that the store owners runs out of the raw materials you need you can head over to Riverwood (and we presume other locations) and use the Forges there, usually there is someone nearby where you can buy the Ignots and Strips you need.

Below we have embedded the video below which we found at IGN, how many levels did you go up after following this guide?

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  • Russelltownsend38

    what happens when you leveled up completely and have dragon souls left over

  • Totalequilibrium

    Best smithing technique is to hunt (if you want to level up archery). Go to Voluntuud or Valthume and gain the two words of Aura Whisper. Use the hide you get from hunting to make leather and leather strips and make a crapliad of leather bracers. Once you get Dwarven Smithing (Level 30), go to Markath. In the understone keep, steal Calcelmo’s Museum key (make sure you are hidden). Go to the museum and take every dwarven metal object (large plates, small plates, solid pieces, decorative strut, bent metal, and large struts) get as many as possible (if you become over burdened just don’t worry about it. The smelter is close by. If you have Whirlwind Sprint use it). That trip will make roughly around 100 ingots. Buy iron ingots from the smith and make dwarven bows. You’ll make around 50 (around 4k coins). Fast travel to other locations to get rid of the bows. The museum and laboratory will get you around five trips of dwarven metal and around 30 levels in 20 minutes. After you have depleted thd dwarven metal resources in the laboratory and museum, go back to the Understone Keep and pick the lock of Nchuand-Zel excavation site. Repeat.

    TIP: Act like an ant. Carry ask much as possible, bring it to the entrance, drop all metals, go back for more. When you are done, carry everything to the smelter and make around 400 bars. This will get you to level 100 in less than 2 hours.

    Leave everything behind, except your weapons and armor and potions. There are enemies in both locations.

  • J’Hex

    I have been watching many smithing clips, and i noticed that you all lvl up by using about 5 or 6 iron ingots per level up. What am i doing wrong, because i need 10 for each level (much more cost and time) i am a illusion assasin lvl 30. i have the warrior stone activated and no smithing amulets or rings… does someone knows what the problem is? I play on Xbox.
    Many thanks

    • Torpe67

      Skyrim patch 1.5 made it so the experience gained from smithing was based on the smithed item’s value. Iron daggers are no longer very effective because of this. I recommend dwarven bows (2 dwarven metal ingot, iron ingot) to level fast, as well as using the transmute spell (found in halted stream camp, slightly north of Whiterun) to turn iron ore into silver ore, then silver ore into gold ore, then make jewelry with the gold.

  • Blessedwithacurse666

    I actually got 4 deidra hearts (bad spelling from the college he had 4 i took them all now im working on this to make my Armor its taking a while sadly im at 34 i need 99 -,-

  • 2015alejandrogarza

    If you want to make pure profit from smithing, you should buy a pickaxe and find a good mine. Dig up the raw materials you need( ie Iron Ore). If you need leather, go kill a wolf or a bear and take the pelts. Use a tanning rack to make leather and leather strips. You can turn the ore into ingots at a smelting thing. then use a forge, sell the products, and make LOTS of money.

  • Samholyyy

    found this trick naturally without guide. it was so easy to find anyway.
    one thing i found out too was to create tons of leather things with leather only as a raw material. this way you can do your iron daggers, then do a bunch of leather stuff before tripping to the next city for raw materials.

    got my dragon armor quite fast, and it doesnt break the game. mind that you level up while doing this, making monsters stronger. its very well balanced and i still got a lot of challenges, especially bosses, that kill me or make me drink all my supplies of food and potions.

    i dont call this cheating, i call this mastering the skil tree. you spend your level points in there. you could use them in another skill to focus on another way of playing. you dont HAVE to do this trick, but its good its possible.
    it could break a game if it was online.

    and i have yet to find daedra hearts for a daedra kit.

    • Battycrease

      You can get 2 daedra hearts from one of the guys at the mage college. Cant remember his name. He’s the dodgy fence character…

      • topoloco22

        The best way I found to collect daedra hearts is completing the quest Pieces of the past, then going back to the shrine of Merhunes Dagon once a week of in-game time (or so). That way you can collect 4 daedra hearts in each visit, an several items to sell.

  • I don’t see this as a cheat at all. if bethesda didn’t want people leveling up smithing in this manner, they could easily have made it so there would be diminishing returns on skill gain when smithing low level items.

    However, the problem here is, as the OP stated, as you lvl up, so do many enemies in the world. Trust me, it’s a huge pain to be lvl 20 but still rock low lvl weapons and armor; it got so frustrating for me that I had to reroll a new character. Also, just because you have the ability to craft high lvl items doesn’t mean you’ll have the materials early on. So I would recommend people use this method of training only when they need to lvl their smithing to the next tier, and not as a means to lvl your character up, or you may regret it.

  • John

    Is it worth it? In my opinion this is a cheat and takes away the whole philosophy of the game. You shoul level up properly not by ‘cheating’

    • Jamie Pert

      It is not a cheat, you are spending your well-earned gold to do it….

    • Noone

      Well, if you call in ‘cheating’ then what would you do if you want your smithing lv to reach 90? Train? It’d cause more gold. Smith only when you need one? Do you really need weapon and armor that often? Or craft things higher grade than dagger? Again, it cause more gold when provides same lv progression.

      • John

        It’s up to the individual how they play the game, do I want to be able to get the dragon armour before I’ve even done the first quest in the game? I don’t. I understand that your smithing will eventually level up anyway so this is just fast tracking really. Maybe the word cheat was the wrong choice but I for 1 wont be using this fast track system for levelling up.

        • awsumguy


        • Anonymous

          yo mama