MW3 Vs BF3 Vs Skyrim: Analyzing gamer’s preference and hours spent

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2011

With juggernaut titles such as Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim all launching in the space of a few days between each other this year, it is clear that gamers have to face the pleasant ultimatum of choosing which game takes their preference and which other two collects dust in the meantime.

Considering that all three titles come with hardcore fan communities and a stellar pedigree of previous titles in their respective franchise, it’s clear that many of you will be playing one of these three games since they all provide a different experience. Two are arguably the most popular first person shooters of the year, whilst Skyrim is arguably the finest role-playing adventure game of 2011 as well.

With this in mind, we want to know which game you are playing the most at the moment since, all three in our opinion are must buy games and we would predict that there’s a great deal of you who own all three. MW3 and BF3 rivalries aside, there’s going to be a lot of fans who picked up both games for the different online experience, and there’s obviously a huge interest in Skyrim considering how amazing Oblivion was and the sheer hype of Skyrim prior to release.

Do you find yourself playing Battlefield 3 the most simply because it launched first and you can’t seem to put the game down for one second, or is it all about the new Call of Duty game again, as you try and earn as many prestige emblems as possible for bragging rights. Perhaps the first person shooter love affair isn’t to your tastes this year and the majority of your free gaming time is spent entirely on Bethesda’s latest Elder Scrolls epic.

We have created a poll so you can share your thoughts on this, and we think the results are going to be very close. By no means do we predict a landslide for Modern Warfare 3, as we believe that the game isn’t as ‘untouchable’ as say Modern Warfare 2 was, and with the added option of BF3 and Skyrim to play instead, those are some mighty alternatives there.

Which game is getting you into trouble with your parents or girlfriend as you devote all your time to nothing but your chosen title? Also, how many hours a day would you say you spent on your game? We look forward to the results with considerable anticipation.

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  • bfplayer

    l3ulVlble Bee wrote:”She says: you know its bad when i walk in front of you nude and you just say hunny im playing my game not not”

    I envy you. I actually started playing again because she almost always finds an excuse, so f*** **f!

  • Nigel

    I was playing a lot of Battlefield 3 until I purchased Skyrim; since that moment Skyrim hasn’t left the tray of my 360, much to my fiancee’s chagrin.

  • l3ulVlble Bee

    I’m always getting the third degree from my girlfriend of 5 yrs.. She says: you know its bad when i walk in front of you nude and you just say hunny im playing my game not not… i dont even notice shes nude im too focused haha…. i need mw3 THERAPY

  • Cash_money54

    This is a bias survey. You have multiple sources of sampling error. The main one being that this survey in online through a computer and who other than people on skyrim would be on a computer? but lets get real we all know that there is no way that skyrim is going to win this battle. i have played all the games and it comes down to MW3 and BF3 MW3 is sooooo similar to MW2 but it has awesome features that BF3 doesnt have although BF3  is an AMAZIING game if you start playing it for a few hours because it is really hard to start when you have never played it unlike MW3. My vote went to BF3 because of the uniqueness and i believe if you have MW or other BF experience that BF3 is a crazy challenge and adventure of new gameplay and strategy never seen before in previous games. 

    • False. Black Bears are best. And Black Bears are in Skyrim. Therefore, Skyrim wins. 

      • Dingo Dilon

        Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica.

        And MW3 can lick Dovahkiin’s boot.

    • Sublimetrojan5

      Well i agree that more people would probably play BF3 and MW3 more than Skyrim,Skyrim is easily the better game….I have all 3 games,i  played a good amount of hours on MW3 and BF3,but when Skyrim came out,i have played nothing else since…Don’t get me wrong,BF3 and MW3 are fun as hell,but Skyrim is just amazing. Skyrim is hands down GAME of the YEAR!!!!