MW3 maps too small and pace too fast – agreed?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 22, 2011

After a few days of playing Modern Warfare 3 we posted a quick review of the game’s multiplayer offerings, now we have put more hours in and gained some feedback from our readers we have come to the conclusion that the majority of people think that players run too fast and the small maps only make things worse.

Let’s start with the fast pace of the game, what annoys us the most is the fact that you can often kill a guy and within 10 seconds he has respawned, ran to the location where he got killed and got pay back. This obviously is the result of a few things, poor spawn locations, having the ability to run extremely fast, no real wait to be respawned and maps which are far too small.

The combination of having 16 players on one small map running and gunning makes most game modes stupidly frantic, also it is only worsened by the fact that people pack out their class with guns, perks and attachments etc which suit this style of play. The only game mode which really addresses this issue is Search and Destroy and this is because you only spawn once per round, meaning that people actually care about dying.

There is nothing simple that the developers can do to change the map size, but in my opinion there is a solution. Infinity Ward could reduce the maximum speed which people run at by as little as 10% and make players wait 1 extra second after dying – these may sound like small changes, but the butterfly affect these minor changes would have on MW3 multiplayer gameplay could be huge. Over time Infinity Ward will also be able to refine spawn locations, so the potential is there to make multiplayer a lot better than it is – but whether IW decide to take such action is a mystery.

Do you agree with the points made in this brief article? Do you think that the small fixes mentioned by us could change things for the better? Get opinionated in the comments section below, our opinion are not always correct!

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  • Realist.45

    Finally broke down and loaded MW3 after playing MW2 for years and I was really disappointed at how the maps are small and only encourage camping and running around with akimbo machine pistols and shotguns. I like to move slowly and ads for kills but in MW3 by the time you’re aiming someone has already run around the corner with a shotgun. Back to MW2 or something else for me.

  • Perjohans

    I just wasted 60 euros on this game, its sucks. I cant play sniper as maps are too small and players spawn behind your back. Want more battlefield gameplay, duh guess i bought the wrong game

    • Tony May

      I will give you 10 american dollars for it.

    • sniping in cod is realistic shot wise but nothing else damage wise is so snping can give you an unfair advantage so less snipers the better

    • then go buy it the graphics suck even with the huge HD download that was over 1gb and the dynamics of the game were off also in bf3 the maps are just as small or smaller i played it for 2 days and returned it granted pace was slower but respawns were just as bad scopes on assualt rifles were not what the real ones i have seen in pictures are and snipers were impossible to kill because the could get up high where no one could see them with only one way to get up there and they would set defenses there so they wouldnt die until out of ammo beause no one could kill them so go get bf3 and enjoy more kills for me in mw3

  • x x

    MW3 is faster pace than Black Ops.  And taken into account the small maps with confined spaces to move around, it’s tough to get a killstreak going.  But I like the respawning locations being sporadic.  It has limited the “respawning rapes” except for map Dome.
    But as for BF3, teams can respawn rape the other team as well.  The whole team needs to be involved respawn raping than just a few guys.  Some of BF3 maps are so big that it takes awhile to get into the action which makes it slow.  But MW3 could use some bigger maps.

    • Tony May

      What’s with you and “raping” talk.. is there something you need to get off your chest?

      • Joeho

        I’ll rape you in your face

      • sitting at the set respawn point for the other team and killing all of them as soon as they respawn bf3 was bad about that i returned it

  • slaughter house

    i like mw3 for its fast pace. I mainly play free for all and waste all the whiners on boards like this with my ACR with silencer and fmg9 akimbo. Agreed respawing can be out of control but hey paybacks sweet.

    Black ops was cool too. Id get dogs just about every game and they would eat noobs day in day out.

    stop complaining and try those weapons out. The fmg9 is like 2 laser beams.

    • slaughter house

      how could anyone say nuketown was not fun. I guess it sucked if you were losing all the time. hehe

      • Nuketown was only a pain when you didn’t try to control the map. If you had a good team that held thier ground, that map was cake. Dome is similiar to Nuketown in that idea, but has 3 likely spawn areas instead of two. Still, Dome is a pain when peopel run willy nilly.

  • Apoc

    I think after listening to feedback from the community, they did a late minute quick fix and screwed up the entire game.  The speed at which players move is just too fast and not very realistic.  I don’t mind the map size though.  The highly compact layer over layer thing they got going on too is not all tha interesting to me.  I bought BF3 thinking MW3 would be better, but I was disappointed.  The speed thing is so repugnant enough for me to not want to play MW3 anymore.  If it can be fixed, I can see myself going back to it

    • Junkymonkey

      Most people complaining are too
      stupid to play and would complain about anything, some people just love complaining,
      MW3 a million times better the BF3  

      • there are a few things a miss in mw3 not perfect as it was crafted by humans but mw3 is a million times better than bf3

  • billz

    lets not stray away from the topic gentlemen. MW3 could really take the time to look at the new BF3 re-spawns and map sizes . but MW3 is great if you just want to run around and boost your K/D. but if you love playing strategically i suggest taking up BF3 and if you do play if and go back to MW3 you will see your abilities on MW3 greatly increase 

  • Lcs

    Its a game, one some, well most, take to seriously

  • Dynasty2021

    CoD player’s main argument against Battlefield games: CoD is faster and more action paced, Battlefield is too slow.

    Now, CoD players complain their new CoD is too fast-paced.

    Epic fail, yet again, by CoD players.  Is there any other fanbase with less logic?

    • rebuilt

      don’t start this dumb ass writing this obviously isn’t a cod fan… or at least isn’t good/ doesn’t know how to play… take it easy find a class that works try g36 or acr with assassin so no one will c u then it will slow down for u… stop complaining about the game sure the spawns are fucked up; but the game came out two weeks ago wait for a few more weeks then complain, I’m sure the map pack will have bigger maps as well because all the ‘skillful’ lol snipers r demanding them rofl… stop bitching and just play

    • Tony May

      BF3 IS too slow… and BF3 takes so much less skill to play and dominate at… if you’re old and don’t like action, then BF3 is for you. However, if you want to challenge yourself, get MW3.

      If you’re new to COD games, you WILL suck at first in multiplayer, but stick with it and keep trying… get to know the maps & experiment with guns to see what you’re good with.

  • Sam

    Didn’t play it, never will play a COD game ever again (COD BO was a mess) but that’s what I heard from gamers and friends. Too small. All maps are like nuketown and respawn are horrible.

  • John

    I’ve said from day 1 that the maps are a total pile of crap. Who ever designed the maps need sacking ASAP. My 4 year old is more creative than those map designers. As said before its just modern warfare 2 with worse weapons, worse kill streaks and worse maps. U want a proper multiplayer game get modern warfare 1 because the series has took a massive step back with this game. Or get battlefield atleast you get more for your money and you won’t be getting ‘spawn raped’ by a bunch of 6yr old campers.
    Rant over……..

    • Tony May

      Do you and your 4 yr old where the same size diapers?