Vodafone is PS Vita 3G partner in Europe and down under

By Gary Johnson - Nov 21, 2011

As we get closer to the release of the PlayStation Vita there are more details of the consoles launch titles and other features becoming available. Earlier today we told you about Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that could be released for the device. Now we have news that Vodafone have been announced as the PS Vita 3G partner over in the Europe and down under.

Back in the summer Sony announced that in the US it would partner with mobile carrier AT&T, and have now taken to its official PlayStation Blog to announce the latest news. Vodafone will be the preferred partner for the consoles 3G connectivity at launch with the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and Vodafone’s Partner in France.

The new handheld console with the 3G and Wi-Fi compatibility will be sold in selected countries and come with a Vodafone SIM card. This will allow new owners to start enjoying social gaming experiences straight away out of the box. Consumers will also be able to pick up the console from various Vodafone retail outlets and online.

Customers will also get a PlayStaion Network voucher to download WipEout 2048 from the PlayStation Store. Gamers who purchase the PS Vita can also use another network provider though to connect to the internet, which is good for consumers who would like to use an alternative to Vodafone.

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Jim Ryan, said “Partnering with Vodafone will enable PS Vita users in the selected countries to always be connected with their PlayStation life, friends and games, wherever they are.” The device will be available in the region from February 22nd.

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