MW3 best knife kills: One potential winner and your experiences

We have received some great feedback from you when asking for your favorite Modern Warfare 3 weapons and setups, but now we want to know how many of you have had an epic knife kill in multiplayer yet. To get you in the mood, we have a few videos which showcase some of the best seen so far.

If you are a regular Call of Duty player, you’ll know that it has become a worldwide trend for players to upload their best knife throwing kills using the theater mode in the game. We recently saw this with Black Ops and the tomahawk weapon, but now with Modern Warfare 3 out, players can once again showcase some of their finest kills using the throwing knife.

One video we have to show you below gives you an idea of just how amazing some of these kills can be, when watched back in theater mode and seeing how the knife actually ended up killing your opponent. This video in particular has to be one of the luckiest ever on Modern Warfare 3 so far, as it first takes a few deflections off a moving Osprey plane and then falls devishly on a prone solider below, killing him as the knife hits his leg. Put yourself in that soliders shoes as that knife comes down from the heavens and takes him out like that – beyond belief to say the least.

The next video we have to show you gives you an example of how useful the throwing knife can be in a tricky situation. You’ve probably seen many slow-motion throwing knife kills, but this one showcases the excellent reactions of one player as he takes out a few enemies with his gun and then launches a throwing knife in the middle of a reload, catching the enemy straight in the face – very impressive.

Have you had any throwing knife experiences so far in Modern Warfare 3? More importantly, do they beat what is shown below in the two videos? It will be even better if you have uploaded your knife kill to YouTube, we may update this with your kill if we see a good one.



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