Galaxy Nexus release confusion on Verizon, 32GB still coming?

By Gary Johnson - Nov 21, 2011

Last week consumers in the UK were able to get their hands on the new flagship Android handset the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Since the handset was released there have been some issues reported by users, and the handset won’t ship with Flash support. There have been recent reports that customers in the US will only be getting the 16GB version of the device. Now today we have Galaxy Nexus release confusion on Verizon and the 32GB version could still be coming.

Droid Life is reporting that Google recently updated the Galaxy Nexus specification page, which only showed the 16GB version of the device. Obviously this caused a lot of outrage and frustration among potential customers. It also seemed a little strange as there were a few versions of the 32GB Nexus floating around at the time.

Verizon employees have been trained with the 32GB version in mind though so it is highly likely there will be the choice of both storage options. Another training document has surfaced that compares the LTE handsets on offer at Verizon with those over at AT&T. The document that can be seen over at Droid Life has some specifications for a variety of handsets.

There in writing shows the Galaxy Nexus with the 32GB storage option that will be a relief to consumers looking to snap up the device when it is finally released. Unfortunately there is still no confirmed date with the release of the handset in the US, with December 8th being suggested now. Verizon customers will be hoping any bugs with the handsets software have been ironed out though prior to release.

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

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  • Anonymous

    I wanted to leave Sprint for Verizon and this phone but I have to say Verizon is making Sprint look pretty good right about now I have a nexus s 4g pure Android no bloat ware and it was released without a hitch

  • Verizon is ruining this phone for everyone. They are the reason AT&T and T-mobile customers don’t have it yet. This is ridiculous. 

    They want to sell all their crapware-loaded phones first. Big Red has no interest in a pure google phone.