15-inch Macbook Air 2012: New release rumors and price expectations

By Alan Ng - Nov 21, 2011

We have yet more details on the rumored 15-inch Macbook Air to share with you now, as we have heard that Apple actually planned to release the 15-inch Macbook Air in 2010 when refreshing the 11 and 13-inch models, but had a change of mind at the last minute.

We recently told you about strong rumors pointing to a new Macbook Air coming out during the early stages of 2012, but new details uncovered reveals that the 15-inch Macbook Air could have arrived much sooner, had it not been for one troubling factor.

An article published by 9to5Mac explains how the decision to can the 15-inch Air for a 2010 release ultimately came down to the build quality of the hinges which hold the body and display screen together. These hinges were apparently the same hinges that featured on the 11-inch and 13-inch Macbook Air models, but Apple were having trouble getting the hinges to fully support the 15-inch Air as the hinges were having problems supporting the weight of a bigger display.

As a result, Apple apparently scrapped the idea and decided to completely redesign a new hinge for the 15-inch, a model which now seems likely to release in the first few months of 2012. Consumers have become used to the 13-inch Macbook Air being the biggest size available, so the availability of a new 15-inch will certainly make things interesting – both from a design point of view and of course financially.

Currently, the 13-inch sells for $1299 on the Apple Store, but the introduction of a 15-inch model could push the premium Air close to the $2000 mark, which would see it fall in line with the similarly-priced 15-inch Macbook Pro. Rumors are suggesting though that new Macbook Air models will be upgraded with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and even more battery life. If it comes with an even thinner design, we have a feeling that many consumers won’t mind splashing out for this.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s upcoming 15-inch Macbook Air – would you buy one if it came in around $2000 with upgraded hardware specs? We’ll inform you when we hear more details.

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  • appguy

    NO WAY $2000 is really pushing the envelope. Its just an insane amount of money to pay up for a laptop. Apple should keep it around $1000…whatever happened to that plasticy $900 13″ macbook. I honestly wish that was still around so that more people could afford macbooks.
    NO to overpriced laptops!!!

  • Philip

    $2000 is gonna look pretty steep if Intel’s bribery pays off and the ultrabook niche really does expand in the new year. I’m gonna sit on my wallet until CES.