Galaxy Nexus hit with possible Android 4.0 bugs, US may have to wait

By Gary Johnson - Nov 20, 2011

A few days ago consumers in the UK were able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone to come running Androids new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Early reviews of the handset were positive, but now we can tell you that the Galaxy Nexus has been hit with software bugs that may mean the US having to wait longer for the device.

According to Pocket-lint owners of the handset have taken to the internet complaining of problems with the handsets software. The biggest problem seems to be something being called Self Aware Volume Ghost, which is the handset, begins to turn the volume down without any warning.

One user who posted on the XDA developers forum said they actually saw the volume bar appear and decrease. It happened twice and the device was being used to move six different 400mb avi files between folders, at the same time as listening to MP3 files.

Another user said it happens during a call and you can’t turn the volume back up again, and currently there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the problem. These issues come after the first owner of the smartphone was provided with a developer model by mistake. He said “I’m the world’s first Nexus owner but unfortunately my phone doesn’t work properly. I can’t sign into my Gmail account and no Google apps of any kind appear, not even the Market”.

Vodafone have so far not put the Nexus up for sale on the network and have said they are continuing to test the operating system for the device. This could mean the carrier is aware of the issues and are waiting until they are all sorted before releasing the device.

These problems could be affecting the availability of the Nexus in the US, which Droid Life is now suggesting won’t be released until December 8th. Have you had any problems with your Galaxy Nexus?

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  • Major

    Had the phone been released without these bugs, it had a fair chance to make a notable impression on the Android world. As each day passes and as more basic, common sense issues are proven to have been overlooked or simply ignored, this phone is rapidly headed for the world of smartphone after thoughts.

    Yes it was the first Android 4.0 handset sold but that is about as positive as one can be. As for the US market, each day not only brings rumors of more delays but decreased spec’s. The phone could have made itself loved in a niche market with a 32gig storage but 16 gig only with all the other marginal spec’s are quickly making it a “why bother” release.

  • COSteve

    The more I hear, the more I think I’ll purchase an NFC-enabled Galaxy S II… By the time it gets the 4.0 update, these issues should all be worked out.  (and provides at least a temporary work-around the Flash issue).

  • Daryl Mackie

    Yup, lack of any flash support…..