Nokia Lumia 800 gets mixed response to launch, update on route

By Gary Johnson - Nov 18, 2011

Earlier this week Nokia launched its new flagship device the Lumia 800, which the company is pinning its hopes on to help it reestablish itself in the smartphone market. The handset was the first from Nokia to be running the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system. Now we can tell you that the Nokia Lumia 800 gets a mixed response to its launch, and a update is on route.

According to mobile carriers are reporting mixed preorders for the handset compared to other platforms. Two separate sources from mobile carriers have said the device has had much lower orders compared to the iPhone 4S, and handsets on the Android platform.

But carrier Orange are painting a different picture and said the Nokia Lumia 800 has seen the most successful Nokia launch, and had proven to be highly popular with preorders. The fact that the company was giving away a free Xbox 360 console as we reported previously may have had something to do with it though.

Chief executive of Nokia Stephen Elop has said sales of the device will grow over time without revealing any targets. One of the mobile operators said it has to be expected that the device got off to a slow start compared to rivals, as Nokia was only just coming back into the market.

Meanwhile WinRumors are reporting that Nokia are getting ready to release an update for the handset already. This is to fix some address issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003, and also a voicemail notification problem. There are also some improvements related to battery life part of the update. It has been revealed that the update is already in the hands of carriers for testing before release.

What do you make of the Nokia Lumia 800?

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  • Though the Lumia 800 comes with sleek and stylish design,  the 16GB of onboard memory is not sufficient, considering it does not support microSD cards. Without the front facing camera, users will not be able to make video calls.

  • Anonymous

    The update for outlook and voice-mail is already rolling out I updated mine last night and got the message for the update in the morning yesterday. I understand why people are holding back but they really shouldnt it is the best all rounder out there. The screen blows my mind and the design is amazing and solid. This is one of the best made phones i have ever held if not the best.