List of Skyrim problems on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2011

After the enormous hype and the amazing reviews for Bethesda’s latest Elder Scrolls game, it seems as if Skyrim is now under considerable spotlight for all the wrong reasons, mainly due to there being problems on all platforms of the game.

If you haven’t played Skyrim yet, you may be surprised to see the amount of negativity towards the game at the moment, which is clearly a big shame as it ultimately shifts focus away from what obviously is one of the best games of the year.

The infamous curse of Bethesda games seems to be valid for Skyrim once again though, as just like Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, the game is prone to some serious issues, and surprisingly these are evident on all three platforms of the game.

For the PS3 version, a huge problem has developed in the fact that the game will suffer from periods of lag and unstability whenever the game save file surpasses the 6MB mark. This isn’t just a minor problem either, as it looks to be a worldwide issue – evident in the fact that it’s been reported by all the major game websites.

As for the Xbox 360, there too is problems with the game and it is a problem which will probably frustrate Bethesda’s key figures who had trust in their Q&A team to deliver a game without any major hitches. However, it appears that just installing the game to the Xbox 360 HDD results in horrible texture and graphical problems for users, although this can be quickly rectified by just playing the game straight from the disc – it’s not ideal though forcing this upon gamers.

Even the PC version has come in for criticism, as although it is the favored platform for a big majority thanks to its mod support, a lot of PC gamers are angry at Bethesda for ‘porting’ the game to PC with the console UI, a UI which many even going as far to saying that it’s an ‘unplayable mess’. Thankfully, PC gamers will probably be able to instead some mods which improve the UI, so in this respect it cannot really be deemed too serious as the PS3 issue for example.

Those are the three main problems on all three platforms of the game, but have you spotted anything else wrong with Skyrim? If so, list your problem and the platform that it is occuring on. We’ll let you know when this highly anticipated patch update is out. Hopefully then, we’ll all be able to get back to enjoying Skyrim the way it should be enjoyed since it is a fantastic adventure that nobody should miss out on.

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  • chris

    f^ck your stupid game every game works on my console but skyrim FIX IT NOW

  • chris

    the logo wont show up i click on skyrim and the screen just stays black i have played this game for a year and a half and this has not happened. my cousin plays more than me and he has not had this problem.

  • Light

    I have major problems with a few quests. Most of which r the main ones on the 360

  • roy

    my game glitched, it wont register a sachel bag empty so mission wont complete and no thane mission completion for riften, no housecarl as result

  • Sheonar

    I’m playing on PS3 and haven’t got the health/compass/quest display on the screen. Is there anyway to fix this?

  • Leeannepalmer

    i was new in skyrim and i didnt know what to do so on the thieves guild quest i didnt plant the ring in the guy in the market so now im  really far ahead and then i wanted the nightingale armor so i dont know how to load back without lasing all of my saves

  • Alexam41

    Lost all of my money, I went fro 29,000 plus to 376 gold. when i tried to backtrack to before my money randomly dissapeared, I still only have 5,021. I’m pretty pissed, I cant do anything without my money.

  • The Doward

    I play on the Xbox 360.  Other than weapons suspended in midair, targets disappearing as I aim to shoot them, having a dragon suspended immobile in midair yet still breathing fire/ice, having my character stuck in the crouch position, being able to walk through mountains at certain points, having a horse turn invisible while riding it, the biggest glitch is the system not saving my progress so that when I start it back up I have to do the @#$%& campaign all over again.

  • Chrisrist969

    Cant get past intro cart glitched before charecter selection solution please help

    • Jadenedgar

      i had the exact same problem. help!

  • XBOXuser

    Okay I’m at Gallows Rock walking around , I try running and can’t. I go to third-person and I’m crouched. Thing is, I can’t stand. So no power attacks, running, strangely I’m not sneaking. Is this scripted or is it a bug?

  • Michaelleethe2nd

    I just watched my buddy play with the 1.6 update and its done something that I have never encountered before the update. ******Spoiler??? If you haven’t done the Dark Brotherhood questline*********

    Dark Brotherhood quest, surrounded by flames, entering the coffin with the Night Mother when she calls for you as a way to escape the flames. It stopped….the game simply stopped. Screen went black and stayed that way. No sound….in fact, the last thing we hear is the sound of the Xbox Dashboard opening and that ends it all apparently. Dashboard doesn’t even show up. Can’t wait before or after the screen trips out. Any way around this??

    • Alexam41

      this happened to me, i just had to keep restarting the game until it eventually worked, and trust me, i restarted it like 6 or 7 times

  • Bcminshew

    On xbox 360, if you exceed a file save of 20MB your game will constantly freeze at any moment, Serious issue that needs to be fixed. Its going all around xbox users uncluding myself. We want to play the game but we cant cause it freezes every couple minutes.

  • Etmorrow

    It wont load please help

  • Cruzcontrol541

    I am level 58 and over 310 hours deep and now all of a sudden my screen flashes on and off kinda strobe like… But only on skyrim. I tried my other games and they work fine. How can I fix this problem? I’ve invested waaay too much time to turn and walk away from this game.Ps3

  • this sucks

    PC-user here. I am updated to V 1.4.20 / no serious mods. Now it appears that i (and lots of other gamers) can`t travel to certain areas – Riften is one of the most common – without getting a CrashToDesktop / no error message. Older Savegames work but it has been reported that you face the same problem again after several hours of playing the older ones. Searched almost every thread pointing to this kind of issue – but there`s still no fix to find. I can’t even finish the main quest – so the game is now unplayable for me and many others else.

  • Someone Lol

    I got to level 15 one day and found the daedric ruin, got the treasure and saved. The next day, it is stuck on the loading screen.

  • Tckellogg

    I had been playing this for a week, got pretty decently far and then my PS3 started turning itself off and blinking red light, and of course I threw away the receipt for the PS3. So I had to go and trade in my 20gb PS3 that I bought a month ago and spend another 200 on a new one >.<. And now I am playing through and it seems that the ground and sometimes fences will turn a blueish color in the pattern of the object. Hoping it will go away or Bethesda will fix this bug soon.

  • Had issues even getting the game starting and now it won’t display particle effects. It just gives me a big wave of seethrough textures which I assume are the snow effect or the light particles. Not sure. Interesting part is that when I tried a version for pc before it worked beautifully. Bought it off steam and I’ve had to check the integrity of the files 4 times just to get it working.

  • BrandonRP

    PC my game is currently unstable and the ground seems to shift make things bounce or appear higher then they should,  It seems to get worse as you head towards mountains making my horse bounce and even killed the poor thing once.  When it glitches like this it also makes a sound and can happen several times over the course of even a second and can last a few seconds. while it is doing this it seems that the back ground looses the graphical interface and turns blue while making this sound and return to normal.  starting to make the game really annoying and it didn’t happen until the last patch for the pc. Tried reinstalling the game and also my video card drives, going to try other methods later such as running compatibly mode and making sure direct X9 is installed since i know i have X11 and Windows 7 64 bit.  Any other suggestions?

  • Skr-69

    we have bought 2 sky rims both wont even load its says disc unreadable

  • Illplaypiano4u22

    I just got the game yestarday for the PS3 and I couldn’t see the compass why is this happening

  • Torrins Orritorio

    my skyrim on the ps3 concile has enormous lag problems like whiterun was so gliched that the doors to houses was floating in mid air.And the houses were gone like i was walking on the grass underneath were the walk way was suppost to be.Also their was a major glich with the ground like i was not able to go in bleak fall barrows because the entrance wasn’t there and i seen no dragons except the first one you see in the beginning of the game.So bascily I bought an 50 dallor game which felt like an demo and that sucked because i’v been waiting for this game for over a year so i hope they will be able to fix this problem because i had no problems with new vegas.

  • Juice19522001

    Playin on xbox 360 and having problems with character turning so slowly. I get attacked from behind and it takes so long to turn character around to confront the attacker that he has half dozen hits on me before I can attack.

  • Michael

    I can’t start, the cart is stuck at the start, no dialogue, just me sitting there indefinitely. Help? (Xbox 360)

    • Wyatt

      I have the same exact problem. Did you figure it out?

    • Sebastian1219

      yeah did u im in agony

    • Nbho

      Same here on PC. Irritating. Tried everything, worked nothing. Support couldn’t help either (well… not a big surprise…)

  • Dico9127

    constant freeze on loading screens… im goin made as i cant think of how to get round it? (xbox 360)

  • Macamotheroni

    I had problems trying to complete mission. the ppl wouldn’t progress with the story so I reloaded and tried to do some other missions and come back later to try. and when I went to sell some things the shops will not allow me to sell any of my items. the menu screen appears but doesn’t show any items to buy or sell..I guess i have to start all over because reloading didnt help. either did going to another area. I dont wanna lose all my work and time. plus I had to disable my auto saves recomended from what company again???

    a broken game for a broken season
    Ps3 🙁

  • Dcack Chris

    Think im really lucky then got 360 s installed on hardrive and i have seen no lag or glitches im now level46 finished main quest and companions and havent found one bug

  • illusive beastaaad

    just started the companions quest hired muscle to intimidate fanedal in riverwood…..but sadly that guy has been dead since i started the game….i didn’t kill him….he’s just there dead…i cannot progress past the 1st companion questline because of it….good job bethesda

  • Don’t know if it is mentioned before but a major problem is for the hardcore players who create seperate files for different characters (Thief, Mage etc) but these hard gained files once the game starts and even with Auto-Save disabled are DELETED and REPLACED by a secret Auto Save file when you first create your character. Don’t say it doesn’t happen. It happened to me to three precious game saves and of course to many friends who tried the game onto their console (PS3). I love Elder Scrolls but no I’m disappointed at the glitches

  • ugh, you want to know whats heartbreaking for me? i worked so hard to level my mage and i got really into it until in blackreach where i cant activate the buttons or pick up crimson nirnroots because of my save file being 12+ megs. I have tried disabling auto save and every possible load state, but it turns out all my load states are corrupted to the point where i cant pick up or activate anything in alftand or blackmarsh. Sooo frustrating! grrr, and I DO NOT want to start over. sigh… this is for ps3 btw!

  • Cyrysrains

    one big problem im having right now is that i shot a guard by mistake and now almost everyone is out to kill me. i cant figure out how to get them to leave me alone without starting over.

    • Dack Chris

      leave the  hold and wait for 48 hours then go back and let them arrest you . sorry lol do te crime do the time heh

  • I have two massive glitches currently affecting my game after downloading the first patch on xbox live.

    (These involve spoilers. You have been warned)

    1. After getting into the Companions questline, and getting lycanthropy, I am currently stuck in 3rd person view. This isnt game-altering, as I actually prefer the 3rd person view (my armor looks cool), but its still annoying. Trying to grab small items, especially on shelves, has become a task. Also, while doing Meridia’s (sp?) daedric quest, after getting beamed up into the air, I got stuck in that camera view, couldnt even see my arms or weapons when they were drawn. Highly annoying because I had to restart and lost like an hour an a half of progress.

    2. This one is a lot more major. In Blackreach, doing the quest to get the elder scroll, the doors are messed up. They are not rendered and you cannot enter them. I think it has something to do with the field laboratory directly in front of you when you first enter. Grabbed the crimson nirnroot. So if you are reading this, DO NOT ENTER THE FIELD LABORATORY IN BLACKREACH. This is a problem because now I cant go into the observatory thing to get the f’cking elder scroll, which means I cannot complete the motherf’cking main questline. I can understand some side quests being a little buggy, but this is the actualy main-plot quest. And I have no saves anymore prior to Blackreach. Has anyone else experienced this?

    3. Random freezes on the loading screens with just the black/smoke.

    Its a shame because this is easily the best game to come out this year, but is is, in some cases, rendered completely useless but the wild amount of glitches people are experiencing.

    • Dico9127

      have you managed to find away round the random freezes because its driving me mad now… i dont know what i can do?


      I’m having the same problems with dungeon exits and gates in which you must clear areas to proceed, what can I do? With all the time and money I’ve wasted and now, Bethesda, you’ve given my wife more ammunition for arguing about time not spent with her, who’s side are u on anyway? PLEASE ATTEND TO THIS MATTER!

  • Kara

    playing on PS3 right now and have this weird static noise in the background, it’s considered an “effect” but I SWEAR it wasn’t there yesterday, verified the TV and soundbar work fine (changed input to cable and no more static) played the game a bit, screwed with the settings, it was “effect” if I turned it down the sound went away, but that went away with all OTHER effects (some of which I enjoy such as the magic “wooooh” sound) … anyone else have this problem?

    • Steef

      Hi Kara, I have the same issue. Did you ever resolve the static hissing? 

  • Eric

    I found that erasing system cach and uninstalling the game from your hard drive seems to have fixed this for me. This is only for Xbox 360 i think.

  • Eric

    A big problem i have faced, is i am no longer able to select any sitting,smithing talking,button use ect. the only way i have been able to “fix it” was to load an earlier save. but i know some of us (me included) have long spanned saves and are frustrated to do all the work again. if there is any way to fix this please make it soon!!!

  • Reached Lvl. 24 now the game no longer loads, just stays stuck on the loading screen with ther smoke.

  • James

    I can’t learn the 3rd word for Throw Voice Voice, the first 2 i get fine but the 3rd is a no no. I can’t become the Thane of Riften because the skank doesn’t give the option for it even though my quest says “Speak to the Jarl of Riften”. I also have another quest where to complete it says “Speak to the Jarl of Whiterun” which i do and still nothing. Theres so many little bugs it’s really ruining the game. I’m playing on PS3 btw.

  • Battlekatt

    Why can’t I equip anything but helmets and weapons to my Kajhiit followers?  

  • Battlakatt

    Windhelm.  I bought the house from the steward, and bought all of the furnishings for it.  Only the bedroom showed up when I went back.  Weapon racks don’t work in the home, and I spent a long time building up the coin to get that home, and then the guy stiffs me?  I have tried to take my revenge and kill him–with little success because he seems to have infinite health.  Kajhiit would sneak and kill him, but Kajhiit has found that the damned steward disappears on his way to the King’s Palace kitchen.  Kajhiit is sad.  

  • -SSC-

    I can no longer open any conversational menus. My game is now completely in-playable. When I get into a conversation with a merchant and ask if there is anything for sale, their inventory menu simply does not appear. It happens with ALL merchants and when I tried doing a quest, the NPC got locked into just standing there and I could no longer talk to anyone. This sucks. I have like 65 hours of gameplay and it looks like it is now time COMPLETELY WASTED. BOO Bethesda! If this patch doesn’t fix I’m NEVER buying anything even associated with Bethesda ever again. I know their games are a bit glitchy but this is a complete waste of my money and time and it’s reallyfrustrating because the game is SO beautiful and so fun. I hate you Bethesda. You make me sad.

    • Lashby

      I’m having exactly the same problem on Xbox 360. Have you managed to find any way at all of fixing it?

    • Anon

      I have this exact problem on the PS3 after about 70 hours play. Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m about to take the game back to shop and request a refund because this is absolute rubbish. I find it disgusting that a game can be released when it has a bug like this – this bug makes the game unplayable. What a waste of time and money. Bethesda SUCKS!

  • Tom Kniveton

    NO-ONE has mentioned the cart glitch in the intro, which has happened on all thee platforms, where the cart you’re in just walks into a wall, and nothing happens, intro cannot continue, so therefore you cannot play. Absolutley pathetic attempt at a release, bethesda should hang their heads in shame.

    • Jakariahpriah

      Same thing happened to me but it worked on my friends xbox and not on mine. I think it’s just because I don’t currently have xbox live and didn’t get the updates.

    • Cassonberry

      Hurrr I have this on my PC right now too :/ Its annoying me because I wanna play this game 🙁

    • Sebastian1219

      yeah if anyone can find the solution that would b great because i have yet to find one after 10 hours of looking

  • owen.808

    My Skyrim disc doesn’t even load; this will be the second time it’s happened to me, I went back to the store and got another disc. All my other games work fine, I’ve been to several forums to see if anyone has come across this problem, it was suggested I go online to xBoxLive apparently it would automatically update my xBox so the disc would work but this hasn’t happened. If anyone has any constructive suggestions I would be grateful.  

  • Drakefranklin99

    First HUGE problem: there is no audio at all.i have put other games in my PS3 and they run fine, so it is the game. Will somone please help?

    • Nermallo

      I had same problems the voices and music mute on me 2 times…. Getting into a new area (first house, mine, dungeon whatever) fixes the problem though. 

  • bobbyboy

    texture issues on the ps3 as-well not just the xbox 

  • Ravelt

    I love how no one talks about how a lot of PC users are unable to play at all due to CTD, frame rate issues, and worse: black/blue screens of death resulting in a hard reset of the computer. PC UI is FAR from the biggest problem. Personally, I am stuck 4 hours into the game in whiterun because I refuse to hard reset my computer anymore. Frankly, it’s frustrating paying $60 for a great game and not being able to play it.

  • Ravelt

    I love how no one talks about how a lot of PC users are unable to play at all due to CTD, frame rate issues, and worse: black/blue screens of death resulting in a hard reset of the computer. PC UI is FAR from the biggest problem. Personally, I am stuck 4 hours into the game in whiterun because I refuse to hard reset my computer anymore. Frankly, it’s frustrating paying $60 for a great game and not being able to play it.

  • Jakariahpriah

    I put in the disc on my xbox 360, first it took forever for the title screen to even load. Then I started a new game and I got to the opening scene, none of the dialogue activates and when the cart stops as you get into town nothing happens. Nothing at all. The game does not activate to move on in the story so I can’t even get out of the cart and my hands are still bound and I can’t talk to anyone. There is no gameplay even available for me.

    • Sebastian1219

      same, need help!

  • Oshkubob

    This is off topic I know. But why don’t they utilize the mic’s that most of us have in game? How we could spout commands in Socom 2 on PS2 was a pretty cool addition. It would be awesome to just say what we want to equip or say the specific spell we want and it automatically equips and you can cast in real time. I understand that would take a little bit of the RPG element away but still. That would be awesome.

  • Despite the UI problem, Skyrim for me is easily my favourite game of the year. The console problems are debilitating, I know but Bethesda’s games have always been better on the PC. It’s not like the issues will not get fixed anyway.

  • Dynasty2021

    I love how the only real complaint PC users have is the fact that the UI is designed for the consoles.  Yet the consoles are the ones with the real problem and are whining about a game being better on the PC.

    PC issues can be modded in hours, and are already spreading like wild-fire.  You can already alter the UI. 

    Well, Edler Scrolls was a PC exclusive.  Count your cheap-ass lucky to have it on the consoles!!!

    So, tough if your version is ***t.  Get better hardware.  Dump your door-stop of a console and get a PC.  Can’t?  Dont whine then when our version is, and as it should be, better.

    ”Skyrim on the 360 isnt as good, textures problems etc, bohooo whine whine”.  That’s what you get for having dated hardware.

    • Guest

      I hate you PC fanboys always trying to brag about how the PC is so much better and everyone should get a PC. I realize that PCs may be more powerful than consoles but not everyone cares.  I, for one, absolutely love my xbox.  I love being able to sprawl out on my couch and relax while I play xbox on my 92 inch projector with surround sound. I also prefer playing with a controller.  I can’t stand sitting upright at a desk playing a game on a small monitor with shitty speakers and using the keyboard.  But I do realize that some people might prefer that so I dont go around trying to convince PC users to go to consoles. So just shut up about your whole “PC is the greatest” rant.  And by the way I have no complaints about skyrim on my xbox, I’m just playing it off the disc so there is no texture/graphical issues, I’m loving the game.

      • I used to play on the console but then I realised that PCs are better and consoles haven’t been updated now for a long time.
        Anyway to counter your point about PC users sitting at a desk. I have a 42″ monitor and bose surround sound, I sit on the couch and play very comfortably.
        At the end of the day the owners of consoles really shouldn’t get mad at the fact that “ooo its not shiny enough for me” cause Beth made the game to run on your consoles aswell as PCs, the inventory is shocking for people who have played the Elder Scrolls series before (like myself) and to be honest i’m about ready to throw in the towel; not because Skyrim is a bad game (its brilliant), but because the inventory, magic and skills UI is a shockingly dull and tedious experience.

      • Bored123

        you have to be the dumbest person computers have HDMI which you can hook up to your TV OR PROJECTOR and you Can buy a XBOX 360 wired controller or get a driver to use the ps3 controller on pc.

  • Anxles

    Fortunetly I expierience only 2 bugs ( separattely from that the game has a lot worse system than morrowind becose it was so symplified 3times less skils, they say the map is huge [at least 20 times smaler than morrowind] etc, NO QUICK MENU FOR ITEMS FOR BUTTONS 1-9 on PC!!! ) first VERY annoying bug is that the menu becomes inresposive very often and i have to click butons few times to pick or change options, second: sometimes after load my character is walking, i cannot run and swing weapons until i cast spell “muffle” and it only happens when i load the game. Thats all until now.  

    • Revibennett

      You can quick map items, i couid not imagine pausing the game everytime to change weapon. i just quick map thing and press the number. Though the quick mapping has to be changed too often because i keep getting better stuff and that is just warrior stuff. You shoul install the patch, it makes the ui usable and responsive. i cannot believe how game website jump on the smallest thing to get traffic and they list problem that are not annoyance and sometimes are not even problems

      • What patch is this? Is it an official one or a mod to improve the UI?

        Thanks 🙂

  • NJ

    Ode to the naysayers: Can you seriously say you didn’t expect this? I mean have you seen the size of the game and the amount of content? To fix EVERY bug in the game would probably have meant a 2012 release date, which I really didn’t want. The game is too good to be even slightly tainted by the odd glitch. After 40+ hours of gameplay I can easily say this is one of the greatest gaming experiences I have ever had, bugs or no bugs. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go pour the rest of my day/life in to the best gaming world ever created.