Galaxy Nexus: Display damage test proves Gorilla Glass isn’t needed

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2011

If you were worrying about the display screen quality for the now-released Galaxy Nexus (Europe only) after it was confirmed that the device wouldn’t ship with a Gorilla Glass display, we have some good news for you by way of a display screen damage video test.

This video we have to show you is particularly awesome and will definitely set the record straight on what kind of scratch damage the Galaxy Nexus can withstand. How about frantically scratching it with a key back and forth sound to you?

That is exactly what SamsungMobilerDom did to his Galaxy Nexus, as after the painful scratching, he confirms that the Galaxy Nexus display screen remains in tact perfectly, despite the obvious rigorous nature of his scratching there for all to see.

So what does it tell us? It tells us for one that a device with a Gorilla Glass display isn’t necessarily the best out there on the market and judging by this video, it looks like Samsung’s ‘alternative fortified glass’ equipped on the Galaxy Nexus may be even better than Gorilla Glass. How many smartphones can you scratch up like this and still have a crystal clear display afterwards?

There’s even a few hard bangs on the display screen with the evil key for good measure and once again, no marks are present after the bashing. If you had any prior concerns about the display screen on the G Nexus, then consider those concerns dead and buried. Check out the video for yourself below and let us know your thoughts on it.

We don’t recommend you going out and ‘keying’ your smartphone to see how it compares, as you’ll probably end up with a battered display screen. Another plus for the Galaxy Nexus corner wouldn’t you agree? We definitely think so. Hopefully we’ll have some more damage tests to share with you soon, stay tuned for that.

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  • Arik

    the question is… will it blend?

  • wheres the drop test?

  • Ben

    Now use some metal shavings like a machinist might have in his pockets, or maybe a ring with stones on it.  Both of this things scratch phones that I know of…

    • Anonymous

      SIMPLE.  don’t put your phone in your pocket if you’re carrying metal shavings or stone in it.  duh!

  • That test is all irrelevant, Normal glass is a 7 on Mohs mineral scale while the key is a 4 – 4.5, Now try using some sand or a harder substance then steel on the display and see.

    • Drivebyvideos

      Who carries sand in their pocket with their smart phone?

      • Anonymous

        i concur….who carries sand in their pocket let alone steel?  once again, don’t put your phone in there.

        • I don’t think people will these things in the normal condition, but if you come back from a beach or camping, you could have some sands/little rocks in your clothing.  And or for an event that your drop you phone and land it on the screen (It will probably brake instead of scratch at the time though).

  • Anonymous

    I almost threw up. That was painful to watch, but it does prove that the glass is indeed great at what it needs to do to prevent does scratches. Fortified glass is a definate plus in my book.