Call of Duty: MW3 record is $775 Million – Stop the hate and praise Activision?

By Alan Ng - Nov 18, 2011

After informing you straight after launch that Activision had broken previous day-one sales figures with their latest Modern Warfare 3 game, it has been confirmed that the company has smashed records once again with the biggest sales record amassed in five days.

We can tell you that Activision has just announced that in five days, Modern Warfare 3 has earned the company a staggering $775 million, easily topping the $650 million figure that Call of Duty: Black Ops managed in its first five days on sale and also the $500 that Modern Warfare 2 achieved in five days.

Here is what ‘love him or hate him’ Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision had to say about the landmark in a statement yesterday, as reported from PCMag:

“With $775 million of sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in its first five days, Call of Duty has become the first entertainment property in history to set five-day launch records for three consecutive years across all forms of entertainment. We expect continued sales momentum, as reviews and audience enthusiasm suggest that this is the best Call of Duty game that we have ever made.”

Despite what some gamers may think about that last part of Kotick’s statement, you can’t argue the fact that the majority of gamers are loving Modern Warfare 3. The game may be taking a pounding on Metacritic, but everyone is still going out and buying it, and judging by overall feedback – they seem to be loving every single minute of it as well.

It will be interesting to see what EA and Bethesda think of Activision’s new five-day sales record as they too recently launched new games by way of Battlefield 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim respectively, with many gamers believing that Modern Warfare 3 sales figures do not often paint an accurate picture on how a gamer really feels about the title.

Needless to say, Activision has just made $775 million of their new Call of Duty game, in five days. Do you think it is well deserved in your opinion or not?

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  • Estuardo Enriquez

    I like Call of Duty, it is a fun game.
    I don’t like SledgeHammer and Infinity Ward.
    I do like Treyarch.

    Treyarch allowed dedicated ranked servers,  so gamers had the ability to kick hackers and griefers that would team kill. 

    MW3 you are screwed.   You can’t  join a big team game without getting screwed by hackers.

    Also, why not add a filter to allow which continent I play with?
    The lag is horrible and simple filter like not playing with a country across the Earth is a must if you can’t play on ranked dedicated server.

    As a PC gamer, this is a dissapointment and if I want to play CoD with my friends.  I have to wait for every other year, when TreyArch makes the game.

    Activision is pushing these games out too fast because they just care about sales.

    I tried the BF3 beta and am not a fan of the game style, but when you can’t even enjoy the game you payed $60 for, then I might have to check it out, but I hear they have tons of hackers too.  

    It is up to Valve to hopefully show these guys that the community is the most valuable asset to a company, and the fact that listening to them, is how you build a real loyal fan base.

    This is not an angry review.  The game itself is fun, I am just dissapointed companies can sell you rehashed stuff and milk people until it dries.

    SledgeHammer and Infinity Ward deserve all the backlash from customers.

    We all await for Counter Strike: Global Offense.  There is Hope!

  • I love how poeple are commenting on ho wmuch they hate this game. Nobody realy cares about your opinion in this matter. The masses have shown they like tried and true.

  • Anonymous

    You guys do realize that these sales number come from the orders put by the distributing companies like Gamestop, Best Buy, WalMart, etc. Just because millions of copies have been shipped and millions of dollars have been received by Activision/COD Franchise, doesnt mean all these copies have been sold or bought by consumers. These figures are just a reflection of how much money has been made by developer. I am BF3 all the way on PC, but I got MW3 for PS3. I only paid $30 for it cause I have a hook up (legitimacy of acquisition not questioned by me), but I wouldve never bought this game full price as it is only worth the price of a couple of map packs.

    • Patelvis001

      I don’t think you are quite right on this one. The number of units are “actually sold” to consumers. These figures in no way shape or form represent the “actual revenue” made by Activision.You can do further research if you have any doubt about it.

    • Patelvis001

      I don’t think you are quite right on this one. The number of units are “actually sold” to consumers. These figures in no way shape or form represent the “actual revenue” made by Activision.You can do further research if you have any doubt about it.

  • PedistalOnlySoHigh

    They should be announcing another one in the next couple months.  Dust off the ‘cookie-cutter-mold’ and yawn their way through another game.  I wouldn’t be surprised if MW3 reached $100,000 in production costs!  774,900,000 in profit.  They will fall just like Nintendo, just going to take a lot longer.  MW3 used a 6yr old engine ( charged for a 2011 engine ): Nintendo Wii ( pronounced WHY ) used 5yr old tech and charged current gen price…$280 for a GameCube Slim!!?? 

  • Mandingo

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have all just guaranteed Modern Warfare 2.75 to be released in 2013. I am glad you enjoy playing the same game for 10 years!

  • Data1173

    Yeah Activision and Microsoft is making millions, twice over! The problem is that they don’t support the game after release. They care more about people modding their Avitar than the people hacking the servers and risking your security. They are using P2P networks to run the games thus leaving you wide open for hackers to aquire your IP address by using programs such as Cain & Able with Zone Alarm. If you don’t think this is a problem feel free to send me your IP address and I’ll show you what can be done.

  • Dynasty2021

    Just because people are buying it by the bucket load doesnt necessarily mean they are ‘loving’ it.

    Some buy because of the hype.  Some buy just to be seen as ‘cool’ with their mates.  Some buy because it’s cool to have a game that they are under-aged for.  Some buy because their friends say it’s the best game ever.  Some buy because they havent played any of the MW versions before and want to see what the fuss is about.  Some buy to kill time to the next game release.

    I think you’d find a shocking amount of people returning the game, trading it in, swapping with mates and basically wishing they hadnt bothered.

    But no, the only figure that matters is total sales and monies made.

    And Activision raised the price, in a recession.  ***king unforgiveable to take advantage of people like that, with the arrogance of thinking people will buy it anyway.  And their lack of advertising this year, muffled, bound and gagged by Battlefield 3, just adds to their overall profits.

    • Mw3wins

      your just a hater

      • Oshkubob

        YOU’RE just a hater: Fixt As in “You’re ignorant.”

  • Slayereddy

    Its made a lot of money from day 1 because of its brand and from its reputation of previous games. To Activision that kind of money is obviously going to be good news to them but the game is showing its age, they are still using the same game engine and sadly it looks dated. Gamers have forked out £45 of there hard earned cash for more of the same and quite frankly to me it feels like us gamers have paid for a glorified map pack and some new features for more money. The new COD game is no where near as good as BATTLEFIELD 3. 

    • Oshkubob

      That is the view of most users and critics as well. But I will say BF3 doesn’t have room to talk considering their SP campaign is the exact same story as last year’s COD:BO. It’s a shame really, months of talking smack about rehashing and COD is the same game each year then come out with a SP campaign almost identical to that of COD:BO.

      • aleand

        Since when the hell did people bother about the SP campaign? They are both MP games, if you want the same game as you played the year before, and the year before that you buy cod, if you want something you have been waiting to get updated since 05 you buy bf, simple.

  • Megadri

    Of course they are going to make more money.. They raised the release price from £40 to £45 from the black ops release. The statistics may be warped however but they are nonetheless still true. You can’t deny CoD is a popular franchise either, so what Kotick said is true.

    • Msv2011

      um that leaves 50 million unaccounted for. I guess those fanboys bought 2 copies just to boost sells. Come one quit hating and just accept that its a popular game. You dont have to like it. Apple makes a great mp3 player and sell them by the dozen. Do I hate apple for that, no I just chose to use something else but I dont spam every blog and say apple is lame.