Asda ONN DS-BD52 Blu-ray player to aid DVD takeover

By Gary Johnson - Nov 18, 2011

Yesterday we gave you the news that Blu-ray players were set to outsell DVD players for the first time this Christmas. This has been lead by cheaper Blu-ray titles and the falling price of the actual players themselves. Today we have the Asda ONN DS-BD52 Blu-ray player that has been launched that will aide the DVD takeover.

The Asda ONN DS-BD52 Blu-ray player may not be the best player available, but for the low price it is a good way for consumers to enter the Blu-ray platform. It could even be a good buy to have in the bedroom or for the children to have. Currently at £40 it is the cheapest unit of its kind available in the country unless rival retailers get in on the act.

Feature wise it has one HDMI output alongside composite video, digital coaxial audio, and an Ethernet port. There is also a USB 2.0 port but this is for firmware upgrades and not media playing. Besides playing Blu-ray discs it will also playback standard DVD, with WMAs and JPEGs can be played back via DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW.

The unit is set to be available in Asda’s larger stores and online, but at the time of writing there is no sign of it on the retailer’s online store. As we are getting closer to Christmas it is likely to sell out pretty quick, so if you are thinking of getting one get to your local store now. After looking at some other retailers such as Argos and Curry’s, the cheapest they have a Blu-ray player for is £70.

Will you be purchasing the Asda Blu-ray player?

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