Are iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 Invalid SIM failure error messages widespread?

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2011

Most of you will probably be aware that there’s fairly serious battery life problems on the new iPhone 4S running iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1, but now we have another issue that is starting to become more apparent – SIM cards are not registering on some iPhone 4S devices either.

Just like the battery life issue, a lengthy discussion thread has been gathering attention on the official Apple boards, and it appears that this is a problem that even started when the iPhone 4S went on sale in October, as reported from Apple Insider. What’s worse is that users who have the Sprint or Verizon iPhone 4S are also getting SIM errors, despite the fact that both networks run on the CDMA network, as opposed to AT&T which is GSM-based and their SIM card is fitted inside the MicroSIM slot on the 4S.

Obviously this is a frustrating issue for users, as it means that they cannot use the primary functions of the phone, such as making calls, sending text messages and using 3G data. A lot of users are reporting this issue after installing iOS 5.0.1, but it could have been a less widespread issue on iOS 5 as well. With this in mind, could this be a design flaw of the iPhone 4S related to hardware, or is it purely software based? Users will be hoping it is the latter of course as it means that Apple can then investigate and provide a software update in iOS 5.1 if needed.

One temporary workaround at the moment if you are having this problem is to reboot your phone and try again, as simply taking the SIM card out and reinserting doesn’t appear to work. If you have experienced this problem on your iPhone 4S, get in touch with us. Have you found a fix to the problem, or is it an issue that is starting to happen more frequently?

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  • Hugoal_klandestino

    yo tengo ese problema, despues de la actualizacion del ios 5.0 al ios 5.0.1 cada mañana que me levanto me envia sim invalida,la bateria no dura mucho y la red esta lenta, lo tengo que reiniciar, apagar y prender para que vuelva a la normalidad, pero si es un problema el estar haciendo todo esto todas las mañanas, ya lo restaure 3 veces hasta de itunes, cambie el micro sim y sigue el problema. ya no se que hacer??

  • ThirdiPhone4S

    I have had 2 iphone 4S from Telcel and both presented this failure.

  • 4S Frustrated

    Yes, I have a brand new $700 unlocked 4S that cannot be used because of this problem.
    Too bad I didnt find this message board before making that Apple 4S purchase.
    Frustrated at Apple.

  • Guest

    yes the same!
    iP4S 64GB, factory unlocked!!
    🙁 total fail after update 5.0.1

  • Violet17bnu

    yes, I have this problem! have to fix it as soon as possible

  • andres

    from mexico, telcel. i have this problem since update. 

  • Soptik

    I have the problem, since updating to iOS5.0.1, iPhone 4S cannot make any outgoing calls or sms. Incoming seems to be fine however, if i keep my phone for long hours of non usage, ot says sim failure. Before iOS5.0.1, ie iOS 5.0, it was working fine.
    Please can someone come to the rescue.

  • I’m having this problem and it’s driving me crazy… I can’t place calls, although 3G data works OK…

  • NYCPrynne

    I had this problem occur two days ago (16 October 2012), after about one month of fairly flawless performance from the iPhone 4S (never had issues with the battery).  The only fix for me was to get a new microSIM (not available until yesterday); but of course, it’s only been 12 hours since getting the new microSIM, so I don’t know if it a permanent fix.  Perusal of the web shows that this is a problem with microSIMs (and maybe even SIMs) in general, so it might be an issue with the actual SIMs themselves.  I am not sure…..and yes…it’s incredibly frustrating, especially in an era where many people have only their mobile phone for communication as landlines are on the wane.