Skyrim’s PS3 game save file problems after 6MB – Game breaking or not?

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2011

Well, would you believe it? After informing you about major texture issues with the Xbox 360 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim depending on whether the game was installed to the HDD or not, it has now been confirmed that the PS3 version has been deemed ‘unplayable’ due to a new problem.

This problem is arguably more serious than the texture issues as well, as multiple sources combined with thousands of PS3 owners are complaining that the game becomes unplayable as a gradual process, when the PS3 game save file passes the 6MB mark.

When this moment occurs, PS3 gamers have noticed considerable lag, framerate and also screen tearing issues which obviously is a major sign of frustration during random fight scenes throughout the game.

As you can imagine, such uproar has prompted Bethesda to react, and the only information they are giving out, is that it will be fixed up by the time their patch update hits all platforms. Here’s a heated exchange between one PS3 user and Bethesda head Pete Hines:

”PunchintheFace – @dcdeacon @elderscrolls @bethblog When do we hear about the QA team being fired for this ps3 disaster? #launchabrokengame #skyrim #bethesda

DCDeacon Pete Hines
@PunchintheFace We’ve said repeatedly we are working on an update to fix issues for any/all platforms. That’s all I can tell you right now.”

Another alternative that Bethesda has recommended to those that are having problems with Skyrim, is to fill out an e-form on their support website. As you can see above though, fans have preferred to bomb Hine’s Twitter account with complaints instead in hope of a quick fix.

If you have the PS3 version of Skyrim, can you confirm that these game save file problems are happening to you as well? What have you noticed in your game as soon as the file passes 6MB? Is this issue really worthy of the ‘game breaking’ tag or are gamers getting slightly carried away here? As always, we inform you when we hear of any updates.

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  • Andrew Heeley

    Slows to nothing after about 6MB. The game breaks the UK Sales of Goods Act laws and should be returned by all UK users!

    Totally unplayable. Product quality non-existent. I would expect better programming from an 18-year old college kid!

  • Harperlarp

    This happens to me after I’ve been playing a for an hour or two. It can get so bad that I have to turn the console off and back on to sort it out, which is REALLY annoying. Other than this, it’s the best game I’ve ever played!

  • Anonymous


    This is why i don’t plan on buying it for my Ps3

    too bad i dont have a PC to run thisthing

    Fallout 3 was the same! And it flat out ruined the game !

  • Nekrovis

    I have the same problem with my xbox 360, my savedgame file is 12mb, and every 2 minutes there is a screenshot phase for like 5 seconds. Its realy annyoing.

  • Nekrovis

    I have the same problem with my xbox 360, my savedgame file is 12mb, and every 2 minutes there is a screenshot phase for like 5 seconds. Its realy annyoing.

  • Animeelements

    This is too big to ignore. I suffered into 12mbs of one save file and i cant even move without having a screenshot phasing. what normally would take 5mins of travel time becomes hassle of like 20-30mins of suffering.

  • Grendel

    P.P.S. It definitely is a ‘gamebreaking’ issue and gamers are not getting carried away at all. There must be many thousands of gamers around the world who don’t have online access and so can’t discover the list of adjustments needed to make it playable. I can’t even imagine the levels of disappointment and rage I’d have had if I’d been, as I was, utterly immersed in this great game only for it to become unplayable and have no way to make it playable.

  • Grendel

    The lagging started being a real problem for me at around 7mb save size. I couldn’t play for more than 30 mins without serious stuttering, and the game became unplayable after about an hour. If I turned ps3 off for 20 mins I could play for another hour. But WTF!!!… should never have happened.

    Anyway, following advice on other sites I deleted all autosaves and all but 2 manual saves, and turned off all autosaving and various ps3 settings. This seems to counter the game software’s disability. The game’s been running fine since at 25-30fps, now and again 20-25fps, but with no stuttering or freezing.

    However, I shouldn’t have had to make a whole series of adjustments just to make the game playable! THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE RELEASED THE GAME IN THIS STATE!!! We’ve waited 5 years, for god’s sake – what would another few months have matter to get an unbroken game?! Booooooo! to you Bethesda. Fix it NOW!!!

    P.S. Nice post ‘Pete Hines’. As punishment for allowing what’s, for me, easily the best rpg ever made to be released in such a state, I hope the real you doesn’t get a holiday for another 5 years till you ensure that Elder Scrolls 6 is released unbroken!

  • Zeeshan Sayed

    Started running in to this problem today at around 20 hours of gameplay (~5.4 MB). Dear lord, the framerate is frustratingly choppy. I gave up trying to play it because there’s so much lag.

  • Hey, this is Peter Hines and I’d like to take a moment to please ask all gamers to cam down.  Listen we understand your upset with the PS3 version not being playable due to game breaking bugs and memory leaks.  Well why do you think we only sent out 360 versions of the game for review?  Think with your head idiots and thanks for the money.  Now excuse me while I prepare to go on vacay to the DR on holiday.