Skyrim PS3 Vs Xbox 360: Graphics analysis suggests 360 edges it

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2011

As Skyrim players on console continue to pull their hair out over frustrating texture and game save issues, we have the results of a graphics analysis conducted on Skyrim to tell you about now, for those who really want to know which console out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 really has the graphical edge.

Last week or so we showed you a PS3 Vs Xbox 360 graphics comparison video which seemed to suggest that the PS3 version had a clear advantage over the Xbox 360 build, but after reading the freshly published Skyrim analysis courtesy of Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry team, their conclusions portray a very different outcome indeed.

According to them, the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim is the clear winner out of the two, citing an Xbox 360 victory in overall image quality and graphics perfomance. Here is an extract from their analysis to give you an idea:

”But, despite their [Bethesda’s] best and most well-meaning efforts at achieving parity on both consoles, we can confirm that the 360 does command a clear advantage over the PS3 when it comes to both image quality and performance. The 360 version also comes recommended for its more stable frame-rate.”

For those of you who are interested in seeing how the PC version fairs against the console builds, you be pleased to hear that Digital Foundry has also included the PC in their comparisons, and as expected it is clearly the most superior version from a graphical perspective with further improvements likely to come via mods when Bethesda decide to release their Creation Kit.

What are your thoughts on the outcome of their analysis – did you expect the PS3 version to at least match the Xbox build? At the moment, some fans are losing patience as too many issues threaten to ruin the breathtaking Skyrim experience. We hope that the incoming patch update affecting all versions of the game will give console players something to smile about once again.

Would you agree that the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim gets the nod ahead of PS3 or not?

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  • Sam

    Couldnt give a flying rats left testicle, the game is awesome.

  • Megadri

    Graphics are Graphics. Who the hell cares these days..? If a game is worth playing, it’s worth playing on the merit of how good the game play is. Sure the graphics and aesthetics make it look nice, but I’d rather have a well-built game with lower res graphics, than suffer through a badly made game that looks good. As for this console comparison, each review is going to be bias towards the reviewers preference. It seems the review on here is ps3 bias whilst the one on Eurogamer is angled towards 360. Let’s face it, they don’t want to tell the majority of their fan base that their console has the worse version, whether it’s true or not. I think this console rivalry needs to go. It’s childish and getting a bit tedious.

    • CreamOfWeber

      I care. Lots of people care. 

      If you own both consoles… why not get the game on the one with the obvious edge?

      • Megadri

        People who own both consoles are rarer than people who own 1. The majority of owners tend to only have 1 console as they dislike the other. My point being, if the 360 has better graphics, how does this help me as a sole-ps3 owner? The comparison is completely redundant to the majority of console owners. Whilst there are plenty of people who do own both, I’d like to think there’s more to the choice than “which one looks better”.

        • Oshkubob

          Certainly so. It all comes down to online components, how many friends have 360 or PS3 and which system my friends are going to be playing on. Hence the reason I own a  360 and a PS3. If we wanted to get into which system is superior I think exclusives speak the only language relevant to either. I can count on one hand the first party exclusives on the 360 and on the PS3 I need all my little toes as well as the digits on each hand. Graphics my ass.

  • Oshkubob

    I don’t trust the graphical comparisons much anymore. It seems that every comparison I see is with washed out colors. Maybe they don’t have their t.v.’s properly tuned for gamma? I’m not sure what they do but when I play any game that I look at comparisons for they seem to be much more full of color when I play on my 47in HD at home. When I play games on the 360 they seem more “wet” when it comes to color and lighting seems “painted” on surfaces (when it comes to lights in a room or coming off a lamp). When I play on the PS3 and they seem more natural, contrast is sharper and have better lighting (fixed lights that cast differing levels of brightness depending on distance).

    • CreamOfWeber

      Fanboys always look for ways to excuse the PS3 when it comes in last place.

      • Merkzton

        ps3 is blue ray it has to be better

      • Oshkubob

        What are you trolling about? Did you not read what I wrote? “When I play on PS3 and X360…” You sir are a douche.