PSN Down November 17th, maintenance times and dates

By Jamie Pert - Nov 17, 2011

A recent post over at the official PlayStation Blog has revealed that more downtime is coming to the PlayStation Network, however when you are reminded of the problems relating to PSN security earlier this year you will welcome this essential maintenance with open arms.

The blog post clearly states that on Thursday, November 17th from roughly 8am PST there will be no access to the PlayStation Store (PS3 & PSP), PlayStation Network Account Registration or PlayStation Network Account Management. Also you will not be able to sign into the PlayStation Network from, that said, some gamers may find that they are still able to play games online during the maintenance, but don’t count on it.

Sony seem to think that the maintenance will last up to 14 hours, which means it should finish at roughly 10pm PST, as we have readers from all around the world we thought we would do the hard work and convert this to different time zones for you. Check out the image below, if it is too small head over to this link.

Frustratingly for our UK gamers (and people in similar time zones) it means that it looks like Thursday night will not be full of gaming as the downtime will start at approximately 6pm and finish at roughly 8am – however Sony has stated that some gamers may still have access to online games – that could be great news for MW3, FIFA and BF3 gamers.

We really hope that when everything is back up and running a new firmware update will be live for the PS3, however we doubt it, but if we do hear anything you will be the first to know!

Do you mind frequent PSN downtime when it’s for maintenance?

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  • Jmalone2455

    They Should do this crap during 5 am to 3 pm.

    • schmengy

      @Emanuel_76  I agree whole heartedly

      • Haha

        You know if you wanted to do an @ to someone you could have just hit reply on their name… moron.

    • Haha

      Yes, they should bow down and appease one of the many people who have to deal with the downtime and make it convenient for YOU and YOU alone. You people amaze me.

  • Emanuel_76

    Play network play or single. For god sakes it’s only for 14 hours, even if they went down for days I wouldn’t mind it’s still free. Xbox sucks because you have to pay for everything and u can’t even use the hdd to store anything. PS3 all the way free online store video, music and pics on hdd and your even able to upgrade ps3 hdd with no problem. For those people that are complaining about psn being down for 14 hours you guys should get a job like normal people instead of being at home playing 24 7 on welfare draining the economy.

  • Rodney

    WTF! I can’t use Netflix because the PSN is down? I will not be buying another Sony console. This is ridiculous. 

    • iBetto

      Would u rather have Xbox ? Yes it sucks that PSN is down but if u were on Xbox you have to pay for Netflix PLUS what you have to pay to buy an online account.  Xboxs way worse no online no Netflix even if your paying for it.  Waiting a couple of hours shouldn’t do you no harm.  Go outside and get some sun.

    • Anyone

      Shut up idiot

  • Haha’s only 14 hours guys. You act like it’s going to turn out to be a month again. Get over yourselves and do something else. Play the single player games that are just as much fun.
    Which would you prefer, 14 hours down time now, or possibly 14 days or longer in the future?

  • Chew_23

    Fucc MW3 Must Playy BF3

  • Armani

    wow! once again sony you let yet another hack cause you to lose millions of dollars because of your terrible security, your gonna eventually start losing your gamers to xbox 360,but i still hope u have this under control and i hope to be online friday morning

    • iBetto

       No actually they do a routine.  They check networks, make shore every things working.  You have to learn to chill.  Its only 14 hours.  Go outside and play sports. 

  • Trushadow


  • Anonymous

    PSN Down November 17th, maintenance times and date

    Im sick of gamers being used as beta testers on an ongoing basis

    Sony, no wonder u lost $300M last QTR.

    im sick of it.

  • Anonymous

    will sony be pro rating my MW3 play for a day?

    a whole day lost?

  • Asreved

    is it down now r wot,cant  log in,hw long has it bin down?

  • Leah-1

    trying to log in and have a few games before 16:00 they must have shut down early 🙁

    • BTRG3291

      yh they have shut it down early suppose to be 6pm not 3pm .just came  off mw3 for a so,me dinner then came back up tried to go on and its down.oh well.

  • Mmmust play mw3 must play mw3……

  • 🙁 14hours with no psn make’s me sad