MW3 clan tag hack, tutorial and warning

By Jamie Pert - Nov 17, 2011

If you have been playing MW3 on Xbox Live you have probably seen some gamers with weird characters in their clan tags, many of you thought that this was the result of a hacked lobby, but it’s not, in fact it is much easier to do than you probably ever thought. Today we will show you how to have Xbox 360 controller buttons in your clan tag – but we must warn you that this may be considered as hacking, so do it at your own risk!

It is really quite simple, to cut a long story short if you use certain pairs of characters in your clan tag it will show up as one of the buttons. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you can see a video showing you how to do it.

There are 17 different buttons which you can show, perhaps the most popular are the A, B, X and Y buttons. Below we have embedded an image showing you what needs to be entered for each one.

I have not done this myself, but if you look carefully at the video below it doesn’t take long to do. The main thing to remember is that the first time you enter the characters it won’t work, but once you go back in to edit your clan tag you will see a weird box character, exit again and the corresponding button should show up in your clan tag. What is also quite neat about it is that it also works for naming your classes.

Like many glitches this is pretty pointless, in fact I really hope Infinity Ward patch the game so that this no-longer works as it just looks messy in the lobby in my opinion, do you agree?

What neat words have you managed to come up with? My person Favorite is a capital ‘F’, the ‘A’ button and the Right Trigger button, it’s the simple things in life that please me….

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  • J Frizzle98

    press backspace as many times as it takes it 2 get back then save it.

  • Jkron96

    How do you fix your server after entering ÁJ?

    • J Frizzle98

      press backspace till your clantag is blank then save it.

  • Tobymaguire

    Hope they get rid of this! Makes the loby look messy!

  • Rockin_frog1

    Can u get the centre xbox power button???

  • Rockin_frog1

    Can u get the centre xbox power button???

  • Dsfasdfasdf


  • Marc Droudian

    If you use AJ you will get an error with the online server.

    • Shane 26

      do u know how to change your server bk

    • Shane 26

      do u know how to change your server bk

  • Bradley11davies

    how do you get 4 symbols

  • Huntrodz

    I wounder if this works on ps3?

    • Jmsbarber

      ive seen this done on ps3 yes! only the right trigger and left trigger ones though