iOS 5.0.2 on route, will Apple finally sort iPhone battery issues?

By Gary Johnson - Nov 17, 2011

When Apple launched the iOS 5.0.1 update is was to address iPhone 4S battery problems that some users were experiencing, which also included some owners of other iPhone models. The update was made available pretty quickly and did fix the problem for some, but as we reported recently people who didn’t have a problem before now had issues. Now we can tell you that an iOS 5.0.2 update may be on route, so will Apple finally sort iPhone battery issues?

According to an article on MacRumors via German website Macerkopf, Apple is currently working on two iOS 5 updates, with one focused on enhancements to the Siri feature with some new options for users. But the update rumored to finally fix the battery life issues may be coming as early as next week.

The last update only spent a week in testing so any new enhancement next week would be a quick release. There have been many users complaining of losing battery life now after having no problems previously when first installing iOS 5. This seems to be affecting users of a variety of iPhone models as well not just the iPhone 4S.

These issues will be of some embarrassment to the company but at least it does look like a software problem and nothing to do with the hardware. It’s a strange situation as the problems hasn’t been affecting all iPhone users. Many have said once the iOS 5.0.1 update was installed things improved nicely, but that has not been the case for all though.

Did your battery life worsen after installing iOS 5.0.1?

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  • Dustin Harris

    My battery life on the 4s on iOS 5 was pretty bad. It has gotten worse on 5.0.1. Before, I could go to bed with a full charge (just off the charger with a full charge indicator and going to bed) and lose 20% with a few (10 to 15) push notifications coming through. I updated and found my battery life got worse. The other night I went to bed with a 98% charge. I woke up to less than 65% (33% drain) remaining with only 3 notifications coming in overnight. By the time I made it to work 1.5 hours later I was down to 40%. That morning I woke up to a 33% drop I checked my usage time. Even though I had maybe used it for 5 or 10 minutes at the most (checked facebook and had those 3 push notifications), it said I had used it for 2 hours and 51 minutes overnight. Oh…and did I mention I had closed all backgrounded programs? Something is definitely not right.