GTA V Rumors: New screenshots reveal map, first in-game character model

We have an update on Grand Theft Auto V to bring you now, and it is possibly huge news if this particular leak turns out to be true. An anonymous user has apparently provided a few images of the game to the world, with one specifically showing what the GTA V map will look like.

Obviously, this isn’t confirmed yet, but we’ve seen the pictures and they do do very legitimate. Having said that, we can’t rule out the idea of this being a photoshop, but you would have to be some kind of expert to go to the lengths of producing a ‘faked’ map from scratch to the quality you can see in the images.

We’re not going to upload the images here for obvious reasons, but you can see them over at DSOGaming if you’re interested – of course you are. There are three screenshots in total, two of the alleged map overview, and one more in-game screenshot showing an unknown character and his surroundings behind him – it looks very nice we have to say.

Presuming the picture is real and it is indeed an early look at the GTA V map, you’ll get seven sub-headings on the pause menu which will be: Map, Brief, Stats, Controls, Audio, Display and Game. Just for reference, the map shots are taken from the Xbox 360 version of the game as seen by the zoom-in options below the map.

The in-game screenshot also gives a good look at the stunning lighting physics in GTA V, so don’t miss this shot as well. If they are real, you should expect these to get removed by Rockstar pretty soon so don’t hang about.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts on them, are they real images taken from GTA V in your opinion or not? Hopefully we’ll have some more juicy leaks like this to tell you about soon.



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