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Expected iOS 5.1 release date and new Siri features list

As most iPhone owners will probably already be aware, Apple has just pushed out iOS 5.0.1, which promised to improve on some of the battery life issues that iOS users have been experiencing with iOS 5 on either the iPhone 4 or 4S. Now though, we have the first details on Apple’s next major software update, iOS 5.1 to share with you.

There is no timeframe at the moment as to when Apple will be releasing iOS 5.1, but we predict that it is quite some time away yet since they still have fairly serious battery life issues to sort out on iOS 5.0.1 at the moment.

When it does eventually release though, we’re hearing that Siri will be upgraded with some fancy new features, perhaps the biggest of all allowing your personal assisant to take a photo on command. Other useful features will apparently allow the user to start recording a video, enable or disable Bluetooth and even using Siri to switch on or switch off WiFi if desired.

The information has come via German website Macerkopf, who are also claiming that Apple will finalize their iOS 5.1 update for release before the end of the year – so we could expect it to drop sometime in December, which may be surprising to some of you who feel that it may be slightly too early for Apple to release another iOS update so soon.

The new Siri features sound great though, particularly the one about turning WiFi on and off. Obviously you can just go into settings yourself in a second, but if you can do it hands-free then a lot of users will treat this as the norm if Apple supports this. As for taking pictures with Siri, we’re not too sure of the long term benefits of this as opposed to just shooting an image yourself – but it’s a notable feature for sure.

What other features would you like to see in Apple’s iOS 5.1 update – do you like the sound of the new Siri features? Anything they have missed out?



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