Battlefield 3: Are IRNV scope users cheap or not?

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2011

We recently told you that EA DICE are planning to tweak the tactical light in Battlefield 3‘s online multiplayer mode, but now we have some news to bring you in reference to calls for the IRNV scope to be nerfed as well. It looks like you may get your wish.

For those of you that haven’t unlocked it yet, the IRNV basically gives the player a ‘Predator’ view of everything around him or her, allowing them to see the enemy at long distance for an easy kill depending on which weapon you have unlocked the scope for.

Obviously, many players feel that this is overpowered in the game, and takes away a huge skill element in actually finding the enemy for yourself. A player with a IRNV scope obviously can get the first hit in, and by the time the enemy realizes that they have been spotted, they are usually already dead.

Also, many believe that the IRNV is even worse when combined with the suppressor attachment, making bullet fire silent and keeping the player hidden. You can imagine some of the frustrations that gamers are having when the IRNV + suppressor are combined together – so should EA DICE patch it up?

Karl Magnus Troedsson, the CEO of DICE had this to say about the IRNV scope in a recent interview with GameSpy:

”Based on player feedback, we have made some tweaks to the IRNV scope to make it more balanced with the rest of the accessories in the game. The change is planned to go into a future update of Battlefield 3, and we will have more details on this update at a later date.”

Perhaps a more meaningful question would be – How would they patch it up? You can’t remove the IRNV scope altogether as that would be silly. And if it doesn’t provide a night vision view, what other purposes does it have? One possible solution is that DICE can just tweak it so you cannot equip the suppressor with it together. That way the person using the scope without a supressor will show up on the minimap for everyone to see, so it at least makes them aware that the user is around.

If you have unlocked the IRNV scope and use it regularly, let us know your thoughts on this. Do you consider it to be cheap compared to the other weapons or not, and if it is going to be tweaked by DICE – how would they go about it? On a side note, don’t forget to check out our info on ‘flying snipers’ here.

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  • CD33

    Using the irnv scope in daylight has some disadvantages the seem balance it just fine. it is difficult to get used to and that is just as fair as using any other scope.

  • I used that scope all the time to catch those campers and snipers. I’ve got so many knife because of it you guy made it useless.

  • Disgruntled Customer

    So now campers who had been ruining the game have cried so hard that they’ve ruined the game and wasted my money. And anyone who complains about IRNV and claims they don’t camp is full of sh*t, unless you actually want to make it difficult for yourself to see campers, which would just be retarded. So, if you aren’t camping you shouldn’t have any problem with being spotted. Massive Fail…

  • Billy20

    Leave it alone. It is a great defense against campers, who are the only ones crying about it anyway. And it does not make the people using it cheap, I only use it to spot campers and snipers like most other people. I don’t know anyone who uses it all the time. And besides that, it is there for everyone to use, if they can get enough kills to get it. So quit crying, and just enjoy the game or go play MW3 with the rest of the crybaby campers, you can have a campfest and not have to worry about getting spotted with the IRNV scope.

  • gUest

    LOL! it´s not overpowered to kill? some of you guys kidding me… i got 750 kills with the scar-H just thanks to the IRvN, it´s just LAME, i even use it to spot enemies hidden and launch them rockets, BF3 is just unbalanced, untested piece of marvelous graphics that tries to mix BF2, Bad Company and Call of Duty players… i falled in love day by day with Bad Company 2, BF3 is just more crappy and crappy everyday i played it more…

    CONGRATULATIONS DICE, you made me return soon to single player games again…

  • i-dont-troll

    just reduce the “view distance” of the ifrnv

  • Nuttylamb

    It doesn’t need to be made more “balanced” at all as its perfectly balanced. It has fairly short range (1x zoom) and vision is effected by smoke and debris, not to mention the reticle is a teeny tiny dot that sways all over the place. Its a good scope for spotting people for your other team mates, but using it does not guarantee you a kill by any means. If you don’t want someone to spot you, hide behind a tank, it has a bigger heat signature than you. The IRNV scope is fine as it is. Please don’t change it.

  • Nathan

    I very much like it on dark maps, but I must say that it’s easy to lost track of your surroundings if you’re using it on a sniper. Additionally I have never been able to see through smoke with it.

  • diecampers

    i cant imagine anyone having such a huge problem with this attachment other than being a seaoned camper. you have a problem with me using it on broad daylight, which u can see me in too… i should only be able to use it in dark areas, i do… so in conclusion the only sort of hate you could hav for this attachment is if ur tired of being seen in ur precious bush or whatever you try and blend in with… that or you dont want to be seen while ur sniping miles off from the battle field and dont want to lose ur distannce camouflage -_-

  • Fred

    If they get rid of the IRNV then wlecome to sniper & camper hell.

    Leave it alone. It has as many negatives as positives.

    • Strucker_6th

      Lol! instead you have people camping cause all they need to do is watch for the christmas tree to turn on.
      IRNV is like writing “big noob” on your dog tag.
      It needs to be balanced so that it only works in night or lowlight environments any form of light either sun or tac should blind the user period!

      • Lee

        Think your confusing Night Vision and Infra-red Vision  the scope is both and in the real world troops are using it in both night and day situations. During the night it works much like the night vision you have seen many times but incorporates heat signatures too where as during the day it just works on heat. 
        Your statement about using IRNV is like writing big noob is laughable to say the least if thats the case wtf do you care if someone uses it if there a noob surely a skilled player can still get the upper hand so I dont see the big deal add to that the fact that skilled players have access to the scope as well should make the game perfectly balanced. The range of the scope maybe needs to be tweaked a little but judging by the ps3 they have gone a little too far to please the whiners.

    • Floppycat

      Nope Tanks,helis,AA,IFVs and MAVs have thermal.

  • Nico_2008

    Well it is too overpowered. And HTW in daylight the soldier can have such site on the battlefield – come on, this is infrared night vision. On dayligh everything should be hot and too shinny. But this scope gives the same view as on night maps. And now i use only this scope because it gives me a lot of kills. IRVN should be forbidden!!!

  • DarthDiggler

    I have seen a total of 1 person using this attachment.  It’s not all that great you miss out on lots of things going on around you with your face in that scope.

  • Anonymous

    IRNZ is not over powered coz

    IRNV offers limited view when shooting and users are at a disadvantage in shorter distances and close quarters as compared to a holographic that offers wider view, easy and faster aim.

    IRNV is countered by the spec ops camo, and quite difficult to kill the camoed enemy because he blends with the surrounding

    Magnification is the least compared to all scopes and shooting an enemy from a distance is difficult and if using suppressor almost impossible because of less damage

    Least used scope, I have not played a game where majority, a number or even some players were using IRNV, always only a few players like one or two mostly

    This is the counter for the annoying suppressed snipers camping all day

    • Superblu_ITA

      “IRNV offers limited view when shooting and users are at a disadvantage in shorter distances and close quarters as compared to a holographic that offers wider view, easy and faster aim.”

      LOL you’re funny.. IRNV is a 1x scope that shows up at fullscreen you have even better view than not looking in any scope at all

      “IRNV is countered by the spec ops camo, and quite difficult to kill the camoed enemy because he blends with the surrounding”
      BF3 does not have this feature 

      “Least used scope, I have not played a game where majority, a number or even some players were using IRNV, always only a few players like one or two mostly”

      i’am just out of DrS server (hardcore, conquest large) and almoust everyone (my side and enemy side) had IRNVs

      “This is the counter for the annoying suppressed snipers camping all day”

      Maybe, but snipers can be just spotted due their scope reflections

      In The End:IRNV just sucks!
      Need a balance!

      • Nuttylamb

        “”IRNV is countered by the spec ops camo, and quite difficult to kill the camoed enemy because he blends with the surrounding”

        BF3 does not have this feature ”

        Er… yeah it does. I use the spec ops camo. you get it at lvl 35 or something.

  • it would be good if it was for specifically for night maps but there are only 1 map that’s nighttime

  • Jruiz0387

    there was this time in conquest, the map was seine crossing. and it was checkpoint Alpha. there was a tree down and a enemy was proned on the tree and without a IRNV you wouldnt be able to spot him. i luckily had it equipped on my m16 but without a supressor. and i was able to take out a camper hiding proned in a tree. its not overpowered, those who complain are campers and are mad that they cant camp anymore because this awesome attachment gives them away.

    • XYZ

      I complain about IRNVs and i am not a camper at all.
      What’s your point now ?

    • dave

      You’re retarded.

  • Chrischalek

    Great for clearing snipers, a bit overpowered but I don’t see a disproportionate number of players using it, oh did I mention its great for clearing snipers…not recon which is what the class is called and supposed to be played as, just little camping sniper punks.

  • Dynasty2021

    Oh come on it’s a huge advantage.  Everyone has to use it now to make it a level playing field.

    You can spot people through smoke, you dont have lens flare blinding you, you can instantly see how many people are in x-location. 

    Worst scope ever requiring NO skill.

    The 1x magnification makes no difference, and is not a balance, as you can still snipe people from half way across the map as you’re just shooting at an orange blob with a green background.

    They just need to nerf it to be USELESS outside.  Like full on blind if you use it outside.  Inside buildings, fine.  Underground in Metro? Fine.  Use it there, that’s ok.  BUt not out in the sunlight.  So, 90% of all maps.

    Or just get rid of it all together.

    Requires NO skill at the moment and I will continue to take the piss out of everyone that uses one in-game.

    • HeHateMe06

      If they make this scope completely useless outside then they should do the same to the tactical light. Even with how they nerfed it now it is still nowhere close to being accurate. At least the IRNV scope lets you see campers which have become a problem in BF3…is that why you are so mad about it?

    • Lowkey1229

      I only use it to spot snipers they are a huge problem in the game so no keep it in.

    • MadCow

      I tried the scope the first time and completely hated it b/c when an enemy is in your face you cant just pull up your scope and take a precision shot. But then I kept getting sniped from buildings and roof tops and thought to myself. Let me pull that scope back out and bam loved it! Point of the story it has just as many cons as pros which to balances the scope and no change is needed. I also am assuming you must play recon to hate the scope so much. 

    • Jcshields84

      I bet if you were in a real battle u would not say the same thing, u think are marines over in Iraq are saying wow this scope is cheap we should not use it.

      • BF3GUY

        Marine in Iraq are not using Infrared Night Vision during the day… that’s stupid. In real life IRNV is useless during bright times. Thermal IR and reveals much more, however BF3 doesn’t have Thermal IR. Some vehicles offer Thermal but that’s it. The IRNV was OP simply because it wasnt accurate and offered people an easy way to find hidden players. BF3 has many camping aspects in it but also many ways to deal with campers. At the end of the day I didn’t care if they nerfed the IRNV because I fly a chopper 90% of the time.

    • Nuttylamb

      “You can spot people through smoke, you dont have lens flare blinding you, you can instantly see how many people are in x-location.”
      proof that you probably haven’t ever used it. Smoke effects the vision though an IRNV scope as much as it effects normal vision… as in, you can’t see through it.  and what’s wrong with spotting your enemy? being able to instantly see them doesn’t mean you get instakills. you can be helpful and spot them for your team mates but seeing them first is only a tiny advantage. a simmilar advantage to the MAV. OMG the MAV can see me first? nerf it! Stop being so childish.

  • Bucketnate

    Nope it is not overpowered…they made it 1X magnification to balance it

  • nah its good we don’t need any patch for that, out there are so many campers try to fix that if u want to remove this one.

  • Joah

    it makes it easier to stop enemies that are well hidden, but other then that it’s not that big of an advantage….

    • QuakerWinters

      I think they should keep it the way it is since sniping and camping is so rampant in the game.

      You could possibly make it more like the Thermal Scope in COD Black Ops (sorry to mention the competition) as that has its disadvantages as well as advantages and is done in shades of gray. Nobody whined about that scope, did they? 😉

      • QuakerWinters

        Oh, and for the people whining about a suppressor AND a thermal or IRNV scope? Get over it. It’s two accessories that would fit on a rifle in real life. The IRNV scope and suppressor are available to everyone in every class, so equip it and fight fire with fire.