Battlefield 3: Are IRNV scope users cheap or not?

We recently told you that EA DICE are planning to tweak the tactical light in Battlefield 3‘s online multiplayer mode, but now we have some news to bring you in reference to calls for the IRNV scope to be nerfed as well. It looks like you may get your wish.

For those of you that haven’t unlocked it yet, the IRNV basically gives the player a ‘Predator’ view of everything around him or her, allowing them to see the enemy at long distance for an easy kill depending on which weapon you have unlocked the scope for.

Obviously, many players feel that this is overpowered in the game, and takes away a huge skill element in actually finding the enemy for yourself. A player with a IRNV scope obviously can get the first hit in, and by the time the enemy realizes that they have been spotted, they are usually already dead.

Also, many believe that the IRNV is even worse when combined with the suppressor attachment, making bullet fire silent and keeping the player hidden. You can imagine some of the frustrations that gamers are having when the IRNV + suppressor are combined together – so should EA DICE patch it up?

Karl Magnus Troedsson, the CEO of DICE had this to say about the IRNV scope in a recent interview with GameSpy:

”Based on player feedback, we have made some tweaks to the IRNV scope to make it more balanced with the rest of the accessories in the game. The change is planned to go into a future update of Battlefield 3, and we will have more details on this update at a later date.”

Perhaps a more meaningful question would be – How would they patch it up? You can’t remove the IRNV scope altogether as that would be silly. And if it doesn’t provide a night vision view, what other purposes does it have? One possible solution is that DICE can just tweak it so you cannot equip the suppressor with it together. That way the person using the scope without a supressor will show up on the minimap for everyone to see, so it at least makes them aware that the user is around.

If you have unlocked the IRNV scope and use it regularly, let us know your thoughts on this. Do you consider it to be cheap compared to the other weapons or not, and if it is going to be tweaked by DICE – how would they go about it? On a side note, don’t forget to check out our info on ‘flying snipers’ here.



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